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What two groups were suppose to form new states out of the former Palestine in 1947?
Israelis and Arab Palestinians
Which group was the first to form a state? What nation immediately recognized this state?
The Israelis, the United States
Why did the Palestinians refuse to immediately form a state of their own?
they didn’t want to show that they agreed with the division of land
Name two of the Arab nations that actively opposed the state of Israel.
Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iran
What was the outcome of the 1967 Six Days’ War in the middle east?
Israel won a huge victory and occupied a lot of new territory
Name two of the territories that Israel has occupied since the 1967 war.
Golan Heights, West Bank, part of the Gaza strip
What was the key outcome, especially for the U.S., of the Yom Kippur War of 1973?
Israel held their territory, OPEC put an embargo on oil to the U.S.
Why were the Camp David Accords of 1978 a big step forward?
Egypt and Israel agreed to ongoing peace talks
What organization did not want the peace process to continue and resorted to terrorism in the 1980s?
the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization)
How does Israel expand the conflict in the mid 1980’s?
by attacking PLO bases in Lebanon
What step toward peace did the PLO take in 1988?
recognizing that Israel had the right to exist
After a decade of progress toward peace, how has the process recently turned violent?
Palestinian suicide bombers and an Israeli military crackdown
What was the policy of racial separation in South Africa called? Roughly how long was it in force?
apartheid, 90-100 years
What group was organized to fight against this system?
ANC (African National Congress)
What leader of the ANC was imprisoned for 30 years, but later became president of SA?
Nelson Mandela
Name two of the proposed ways to draw boundaries for the new African nations.
colonial boundaries, tribal areas, pan-africanism (all people in one nation)
What kind of governments were most often formed by the leaders of the respective nationalist movements?
authoritarian one-party states
What African nation led the way toward independence after WWII? Who was their leader?
Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah
How many more nations will declare the independence in the 5 years after Ghana does?
more than 15
Identify three of the major challenges facing the new nations in Africa.
dictatorship, lack of infrastructure, old tribal tensions, healthcare/disease, reliance on foreign intervention
Who led the revolutions that broke out across Latin America in the early 1800’s? What class/group was left out?
the Creole elite, the natives
What 1823 U.S. policy guaranteed greater American involvement in Latin America?
the Monroe Doctrine
What is a Banana Republic?
a government run for the benefit of a/the large agricultural industry
Who did the U.S. support in Nicaragua in the early 1980’s? Why?
the contras, they were fighting the communist Sandinistas
Who was the brutal, drug dealing, dictator that ruled Panama with U.S. support?
Manuel Noriega
Who appealed to the working class to gain power in Argentina? Who was his famous wife?
Juan Peron, Evita
What event eventually ended military rule in Argentina in the early 1980’s?
the failed invasion of the Falkland Islands
What ecological damage did the “economic miracle” of Brazil bring with it?
major harvesting of the Amazon Rainforests