The Good Life.....

*the decade of bathtub gin, model t, $5 work day, first transatlantic flight and movie.
*Nation became urban and commercial

*American xenophobia escalates after 1918, fuelled by fears of becoming involved in another costly "foreign" war and by the "Red Scare"

***"the ultimate status symbol of that day--a private bathroom."

*Guccio Gucci founded the Gucci label in 1920



Driving takes an unexpected turn












Product Photo










*Cooperation's founded
*labor laws/unions
*new inventions (vacuums, etc.)
*how rich separate/social standards
*drug culture
*Alcohol (we got stuff on this)

*Most laboring people working in agriculture, where their skin became sun burnt and worn from the weather. Those that were privileged enough to not work had smooth, white skin and therefore a symbol of wealth.

*This changed again as people worked more in factories and offices as cities were urbanized. After the 1920s. a slim. suntanned body was an indication of wealth because it showed people could afford to take time off and get a suntan.
Suntans and a slim figure have continued to be a symbol of higher status even today as wealthier people have more time to exercise and eat healthier, leaner foods which are more expensive. Consequently, obesity and overweight are signs of lower social status.

*The world's fastest reacting suspension system, Magnetic Ride Control adjusts to the road surface 1,000 times a second.

*Home stereo systems  have become bigger and bigger throughout the years to systems like this. The Yamaha's Complete Home Theater and Music System with an Elegant Cabinet, DTS and Dolby Digital Decoding - And a DVD Player.