Napoleon & Romanticism

History M01B - Krister Swanson - Moorpark College

Napoleon Comes to Power

all it really means is…

First Council Napoleon has extensive powers

Maintaining Order

Deals with the Church

The Concordat:

Napoleonic Code

1802 Nap is “Consul for Life”

He reforms French law:

Creates the Modern State

 Building an Empire

Some Ups & Downs

War drags on to 1813, drains French resources & gives hope to Europe

1810- Peak of French Empire

What this means for Europe

Russian Campaign

The Squeezer Cheeser


Congress of Vienna 9/14 to 10/15

Organizing the map (west)

New states as barriers to France:

Organizing the map (East)

100 Days (Nap’s Baaaaack)

Results of C of V