18th Century Europe Lecture

History M01B - Krister Swanson - Moorpark College

Pre-Enclosure Movement

Impetus for change

Enclosure Movement

New Crops & Methods

Population Explosion

The 1st Ind. Rev.

Increased Consumption

Growth of “New” Cities


Wealthy Upper Class

Caught in the Middle (Bourg.)

Artsy Fartsy Artisans


Life for European Jews

4 stages of European involvement:

1) “Discovery” (1450-1600)

2) Trade Rivalry (this one)

3) Africa/Asia (1875-1940)

4) Decolonization (post WWII)

Mercantile Empires

Britain: N. Atlantic Seaboard

France: St. Lawrence, Ohio<= /st1:State> & Mississippi River Valleys

Spain: S. America & Southern N. Amer.

Dutch: Surinam<= /st1:country-region> & trading stations in Asia

Relationship with Colonies

Colonial Problems

Mid-18th Century Wars

War of Jenkins’ Ear

Treaty of Aix-La-Chappelle

Major Outcomes

Diplomatic Revolution-1756