Introduction to Western Civilizations: 1500 to the Present
Instructor: Krister Swanson -
Fall 2007
TR: 2:30-3:50, Room HSS - 203

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Lecture Outlines:
Reformation II
Religious Wars I
Scientific Revolution & the Enlightenment
Absolutism & Constitutionalism Part I
18th Century Europe
French Revolution
Napoleon & Romanticism
Reaction & Restoration
Second Industrial Revolution & 1848
Unification of Germany & Italy
Society & Thought in the Late 1800's Part I
Society & Thought in the Late 1800's Part II
World War I
Age of Anxiety
World War II
Cold War Europe
Modern Europe

Class Text:
The Making of the West: Peoples and Cultures, A Concise History (Second Edition)
By Lynn Hunt, Thomas Martin, et al

Key Course Assignments:

Midterm Exam  (60 points, or 20%): A traditional in class exam scheduled for October 18th.  Please make sure you bring a 50 question scantron form and a bluebook (both available in the Moorpark College bookstore) with you.
Midterm Reviews: PPT or Text
Midterm Essay: Discuss the convergence of 2 or more of the following themes during 3-4 moments in European History.  The themes are Economics, Politics, Religion, Culture, Philosophy/Science, Social Trends.

Final Exam (75 points, or 25%):
A traditional in class exam scheduled for December 13th, which is the week prior to finals week for classes being held on the traditional schedule.  Please make sure you bring a 50 question scantron form and a bluebook (both available in the Moorpark College bookstore) with you.
Final Exam Reviews: PPT or Text
Final Essay: Discuss the respective roles of 3-4 ISMs over the course of the 19th and 20th centuries in Europe (liberalism, nationalism, conservatism, romanticism, socialism, Marxism, fascism, communism, etc.)

Short Research Paper  (60 points, or 20%): This 5-7 page paper based entirely on primary source documents related to a particular topic.  We will discuss the specific requirements of this paper in class on September 13th, in the meantime you need to begin developing a paper proposal that outlines your proposed topic and the documents you plan to use, this proposal is due September 25th.

PowerPoint Presentation (30 points, or 10%): This is intended to be a fun and informative activity for you and the whole class.  Pick a topic of interest related to one of the lecture topics and develop a PowerPoint presentation, complete with well-organized text and helpful images, for presentation to the class.  The goal is an interesting and informative 10-15 minute presentation that strengthens our understanding of your topic.  Your topic is due on September 11th; please feel free to start discussing possible topics with me as soon as possible.  Please note that your PPT must be on a different topic than your paper.  Click Here for guidelines for writing the research paper.

Attendance and Class Participation (75 points, or 25%):  This category is fairly self-explanatory.  I will break this grade down into three 25-point assignments.  Attendance is absolutely critical to your success in this class, please note that you will lose 7 points for each missed class session. These grades will be recorded on 10/2, 11/6, and 12/11.

PowerPoint Schedule
10/11: Melissa - Robespierre
10/16: Tyliese - Classical Music
10/23: Rachel - The Impressionists
11/20: Chris - Nazi Terrorism
11/29: Jay - Sputnik and the Space Race
12/4: Jose - Uprisings of 1968
12/6: Johnny - Cold War Olympics

Class Schedule can be found on the syllabus