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Course Expectations:

Course Expectations



I am excited to have the opportunity to lead you through the exciting and wonderful world of Economics.  I am sure that you are bursting at the seams to be able to learn Economic vocabulary so you can use it in your daily conversations. “Wow, I wonder how large Apple’s total revenue is now that they came out with the new ipod shuffle?” or “I think we should try and get more bagels in order to keep up with the demand for tasty breakfast snacks.” Economics is a part of our daily life and helping you understand it will help you get a better idea of how our society works.  



I will hold you to the same standards that Mr. Swanson has since last semester, including:

-Writing that demonstrates clarity of thought and maturity of style

-An understanding of the appropriate behavior for the situation

-The ability to effectively address a variety of audiences

-The desire and discipline to use class time efficiently

-The flexibility to handle a wide range of work situations and a willingness to make your best individual effort in every activity and situation

-The capacity to work in cooperation with a variety of people



I believe in creating a safe environment for learning.  You will be expected to respect your fellow classmates and teachers by listening to them even if you disagree with them.  Your opinion is welcomed but must be expressed in a respectful way that others  tasteful and sensitive way.

I expect each student to be active participants in the classroom.  I believe that through active participation, you will gain a greater understanding of the material we cover.   You are also expected to respect your fellow student by listening and participating in constructive ways.  Belittling, verbal harassment, and hurtful comments will not be tolerated.



Homework, including long-term assignments, is solely the responsibility of the student. Late work is not accepted; some assignments will not be accepted late even in cases of absence. Students are expected to take notes on each reading assignment, and to keep all lecture and reading notes through the year.

If you are unsure of the homework assignments please check the class web page at

This site will extremely helpful to you throughout your time in this class.


Textbook and Other Materials

Each student is responsible for covering and caring for their textbooks. Lost or damaged books must be replaced or paid for by the student. You should keep your copy of the text at home in a place where you can access them in a speedy fashion, because nightly reading assignments will be critical to your success in this class. There will be 5-6 occasions over the course of the year when you will be expected to bring your text to school.



You will have two long-term assignments, Personal Budget Project, and The Stock Market Project.  Work on a weekly basis, you will not always have class time to work on them, so working on it outside of class will be expected.  These are not projects to leave until the last minute, I will know if you are procrastinating.


Grading Policy

All grades will be computed on a points earned out of points possible basis. As the importance of an assignment increases, so does the assignment's point value. Missing assignments will be counted as zero points. The student's total points earned are divided by the total points possible to determine their percentage. The following scale is used to determine each student's grade:

Letter Grade


Letter Grade



























Students have one week to make up tests or quizzes that they missed because of an excused absence. No make up tests will be given to students who had an unexcused absence on the day of the test or quiz. The student is entirely responsible for scheduling the make up test with the teacher. Any test or quiz not made up after one week will be recorded as a zero. Student grades will be posted on Mr. Swanson’s teacherweb site (by student ID number) at least once every two weeks. It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of their academic standing and bring any questions they have about their grade to the attention of the teacher.

Academic Honesty

Any student involved in dishonesty on any work, from homework to projects to tests and quizzes, will receive zero credit for the assignment in question. Repeat offenders may be subject to a referral to the Assistant Principal, suspension from class, and/or a parent/teacher conference.

Attendance Policy

The school tardy and absence policies will be strictly enforced.  Additionally, students wishing to use the restroom must leave their cell phone with me when they do so.  Students without cell phones must provide written communication to me from their parents to that effect.



I am happy to provide answers and clarification for all of my students and their parents.  The best way that I can be contacted is by email: ,but you may also leave a message on Mr. Swanson’s Voicemail: (805) 495-7491 x1301