Unit IV: Industrialism and the Changing Face of Europe

Key Concepts to Master in this Unit

  • Conservatism, Nationalism, and Liberalism
  • The response to Napoleon at the Congress of Vienna
  • The reasons for the uprisings and rebellions against the conservatives in the early 1800's
  • The reasons for the outbreak of revolution across Europe in 1848
  • The key outcomes of the Revolutions of 1848
  • The background leading up to the unification of Italy
  • The key steps in the process of uniting Italy
  • The background leading up to the unification of Germany
  • The key steps in the process of uniting Germany, including a strong understanding of the policies of Bismarck
  • The key changes and reforms that took place in Austria, Russia, and Great Britain between 1850-1885
  • The major ways that the economy changed in the late 1800's and early 1900's
  • The development of the working class into the proletariat and the impact of socialism on the proletariat
  • The impact of the discoveries of Darwin, Edison and Pasteur
  • The basic ideas behind the realist movement in the arts
  • The major problems faced by growing cities in the late 1800's and the methods they used to try and deal with these problems
  • The chief ways that social classes were changing due to the changing political and economic conditions of the time

Helpful Links and Unit Homework

There is no unit homework assignment for this unit, instead you should be doing what you need to in order to support your group's efforts on the video project.  Here are some helpful links just in case you'd like to do some extra research for this unit.

Conservative Oppression
The Peterloo Massacre **The Carlsbad Decrees**
Louis Phillippe & Charles X Metternich and the New Social Order
A Biography of Simon Bolivar French Politics Overview Page (good for revolutions)
Encyclopedia of the Revolutions of 1848
(choose three articles from the list)
Timeline of the Revolutions of 1848
Napoleon III
A Biography of Robert Owen Utopian Socialism
A Biography of Marx Written by Engels Karl Marx at Spartacus Schoolnet
**Bourgeois vs. Proletarians from the Communist Manifesto**
Famous Italians - Giuseppe Garibaldi THE RISORGIMENTO
**Documents of German Unification** Balloons and the Franco Prussian War

Possible Essay Questions

Discuss the various ways that workers tried to improve their working and living conditions during the 1800's.  Be sure to evaluate their successes and failures as well as discuss how things changed for them over time.
This unit began with the conservatives trying to maintain order after the Napoleonic Wars.  Evaluate the success of the conservatives in trying to maintain their way of life, and be sure to discuss the various "ISMs" they were forced to deal with along the way.
Describe the massive industrial growth that takes place during the 1800's, the technological changes that allowed it to happen, and the ways that it made major changes in society.
How did changing political conditions allow for the unification of Italy and the unification of Germany?  Be sure to discuss the key people and events involved in the unification process.

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