Unit V: Imperialism and the Age of Nation States

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Key Concepts to Master

  • the motivating factors behind the "new imperialism" of the late 1800's
  • the motivating factors behind the rapid European colonization of Africa
  • the nature of the interaction between the British, Boers, and Bantus in Southern Africa and the conflict that rose out of this interaction
  • the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of European power in its place
  • the differences between the various regions of Africa and the kinds of involvement in those regions
  • the methods used by those who wanted to resist colonial rule
  • the developing involvement of the British in Burma and the French in IndoChina
  • the increased interaction between European nations and China & Japan, especially as it relates to the Open Door Policy and the Meiji Restoration
  • the give and take relationship that existed between the Indians and the British after the Seven Years War
  • the rise of Indian Nationalism in response to British colonial rule and the British response to the Indian Nationalist Movement
  • the reasons for and chief outcomes of the nationalistic revolts that broke out across Latin America in the early 1800's
  • The challenges faced by those who attempted to build nation states out of the former Spanish and Portuguese colonies in Latin America
  • The political changes that take place in Latin America in the late 1800's and the ways in which the United States is involved in many of those changes

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