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Basic Description of the Project

Immigration Documentary
Your Character
Documentary Requirements
Key Questions to Cover in Your Documentary
What you will turn in:

Your Autobiography:

Your autobiography is where you flesh out the basic identity you were given on your identity slip into the full identity of your immigrant.  Doing a complete, quality job on your autobiography is absolutely critical to your success in this activity  You need to do 2 drafts of your autobiography.  The first draft is simply the written answers to each of the items below.  The second draft is written out completely, telling the whole story of your life.  No one will read your autobiography except your teacher.  Include the following information in your autobiography.  (Number all information 1 to 12 in your autobiography next to where it appears in your final draft).
Personal Data:

  1. full name, fatherís full name, motherís full name
  2. sex, height, weight, build, hair and eye color, complexion, scars and any other important physical characteristics
  3. Birth place and date
  4. Previous address (nation plus specific rural or urban address)
  5. Marital Status (married, divorced, single)
  6. Name of husband or wife and any significant information about him/her.
7. Health and Education History
a. Have you had any physical diseases?

b. Have you ever been in poor mental health? (If yes, where, when, why, and consequences)

c. How many years of education have you completed? Mention where you wen to grade and High schools and college, if you went to any of these schools.

8. Vocational Background
a. List your previous jobs and lengths of time you held each job.
b. How many jobs have you held in the past year? Why did you leave each job?
c. Were you ever apprenticed to learn a trade?
d. Have you any training in a particular skill?
e. What are your future career hopes?

9. Character
a. If you have been in trouble with the law, tell when, where, and why, and consequences.
b. How much timehave you spent in jail? If any, explain in full why you were incarcerated, where, for how long, and with what consequences.

10. Wealth
a. Indicate whether you are wealthy or poor.
b. If you are wealthy, what exactly is your wealth? (cash? objects?)
c. What is the source of your wealth? (inheritance? your effort?)

11. Politics
a. Did you belong to any political party in the country that you are leaving?
b. Are you apathetic (donít care), moderate, or extreme in your political convictions?  Explain thoroughly.

12. Religion
a. What religious faith do you follow, if any?
b. Do others in your family follow the same or a different religious faith?

Helpful Links for Research:

Immigrant Experience at
History of Ellis Island (at the National Park Service site)
A good site that lists names by ethnic background
Where are you from?  Check Google Maps Europe