Text of the Unit IV APS Review

What is the name for an economy where gov’t both supports and regulates business?
a mixed economy
How long has the federal gov’t been supporting & promoting American business?
since its very beginning
What was the purpose of NAFTA?
to eliminate trade restrictions between North American nations
Identify two types of federal subsidies.
tax incentives, gov’t loans, free services, direct cash payments
What is the purpose of the “commerce clause” of the constitution?
gives gov’t permission to regulate commerce
What was happening in the late 1800’s that created a demand for more regulation?
industrialization, trusts and monopolies
 What law was the first attempt by Congress to regulate Trusts & monopolies?
Sherman anti-trust act
What agency was formed to protect the purity of food and drugs?
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Who investigates injuries caused by merchandise to help ensure product safety?
Consumer Product Safety Commission
What commission has regulated the sale of stocks and bonds since the Depression?
the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)
When did the government’s attitude toward labor unions begin to change?
early 1900’s, Clayton anti-trust act
Which New Deal Era law guaranteed the right of workers to form unions?
Wagner Act (Formed the National Labor Relations Board)
What 1947 law swung the legal tide back into the favor of the owners?
Taft Hartley Act
Why has government maintained an active role in Agriculture ever since the Great Depression?
promote farming to secure our nation’s food supply
Identify two ways the government supports/promotes agriculture.
price subsidies, acreage allotments, conservation programs
Identify two major pieces of environmental legislation.  What agency deals with environmental issues?
Clean Air Act (1990), Water Pollution Control Act (1972), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
What is the purpose of social insurance programs?  Give an example.
provide assistance to elderly, disabled, & unemployed; Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance
What is the purpose of public assistance programs? Give an example.
provide aid to the poor; Medicaid, food stamps, AFDC
Why is the Social Security fund in crisis?
people are receiving benefits longer than the government thought they would, number of recipients growing rapidly
What has been the major recent change in welfare programs?
government ended AFDC & turned money over to the states to administer
What government unit is primarily responsible for education?
local school district
Identify two ways the federal government works to help provide housing?
HUD, low cost loans (FHA), urban renewal & public housing programs
What has been the primary federal contribution to a national transportation system?
interstate highway system
Identify three of the traditional goals of United States foreign policy.
national security, free trade, world peace, democratic governments, concern for humanity
What kind of foreign policy stance did the United States take through its first 100 years?
What two major world events moved the United States toward a more interventionist policy?
World War II and the Cold War
What were the primary United States foreign policy goals during the Cold War?
containment of communism and support of democracy
What department is responsible for carrying out United States foreign policy?
State Department
What department oversees the United States military?  How large is this department
Department of Defense (DOD, largest government department in United States
What group of high ranking military advisors directly advises the DOD?
Joint Chiefs of Staff
How is the executive branch of the British government chosen?
by the Parliament (legislative branch)
How is the French system of government similar and different to ours?
President and legislature, president is much stronger & legislature is weaker
What movement brought about a new democratic government in Poland?
What was the major barrier to democracy in South Africa?
What party dominated Mexican politics for most of the last century?  What’s significant about Vicente Fox?
PRI, Fox is not a member of PRI
Give three examples of authoritarian regimes.
Cuba, China, Iran, Iraq, North Korea
What communist dictator has ruled Cuba since the late 1950’s?
Fidel Castro
What was significant about the demonstrations at Tiananmen Square?
Huge numbers of Chinese citizens protesting for expanded civil rights
What are two of the big current issues in education?
vouchers, standardized testing and curriculum, access to higher education
When did the federal government start to get involved in public housing?
the Great Depression
What is the biggest ongoing challenge of public housing?
finding the best method for providing adequate housing
What Government Department oversees the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Highway System?
Department of Transportation
Identify three major global issues.
terrorism, nuclear proliferation, the environment, human rights
What two nations are most feared in the area of nuclear proliferation?  Why?
Iran and North Korea, they are state sponsors of terror and hostile nations in their important regions
What inspires the anti-United States sentiment held by many terrorist groups?
they believe that United States policies and investment have lead to the decline of their societies (turning away from traditional values)
What international organization, headquartered in NYC, is supposed to foster peaceful relations between nations?
The United Nations
What are the primary goals of the European Union (EU)?
provide a common market and set of policies for the benefit of all member nations