Current Events Assignment Sheet

Understanding the events that are happening in our nation is a critical part of understanding our national and local government, therefore you will be required to keep pace with current events as a part of this course.  This means that every two weeks you will:

  1. Select a current event that is somehow related to the area of government we are studying (e.g. Congress, the Presidency, the Judicial System, etc.)
  2. Find a minimum of 3 different articles that cover the event.  These articles must come from at least 2 different sources  (see the Government Home Page for some excellent online sources)
  3. Read the articles carefully and highlight or underline the critical information
  4. Prepare a written report on the event that provides:
    • a one paragraph background on the event
    • a summary of critical events related to your topic over the last month
    • a position statement that clearly makes your case as to the best possible resolution to the conflict that makes this event newsworthy
  5. Turn in copies or printouts of your articles along with the written report on the day that it is due.

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