Some Quick Tips for Using FrontPage

Starting Up

Creating Links

Inserting pictures

Text and Background Colors



When you are starting up you may choose to build your page from one of the available templates.  To do this go to File-New and choose "from template" from the task pane.  They have many sample layouts available, and it might be a whole lot easier to build off of one of these than finish the whole thing from scratch.  This page is based on a template (isn't it nifty?).


Creating a link is easy - just highlight the text and/or image you want to link and go to Insert-Hyperlink (or ctrl-K). You will get a dialogue box that gives you the option of linking to other pages on the server, recently browsed pages, or other places in the page. The recently browsed pages option is cool, because it is keeping track of what you are looking at in Explorer and will give you a list of pages to choose from. To link to another place in your page you need to set up bookmarks within your page first (Insert-Bookmark) and then you can choose from the list of bookmarks in your page to link to.  The links in the column on the left are all example of bookmark style links. You can also get the link menu by clicking on this button here:


Inserting pictures is a very straightforward process.  Simply find the picture from the web that you wish to use and right click on it, chose copy from the pop up menu.  Go back to FrontPage and paste it into your page in the location where you want it.  You can click on the picture and manually resize it, FrontPage will usually keep a link attached to the picture that allows people to click on the picture to see it at its full size. Top of page.


You can set a table cell's background color by right clicking on the cell and choosing cell properties from the pop up menu.  You will get a menu that allows you to set the background color to any color you choose.  Be sure to set your text color to a shade that contrasts nicely with the selected background.  You can do this by highlighting the text and going to Format-Font or clicking on the font color button on the toolbar, which is this button here:

   Top of page.


Interesting pictures on the side can help draw in your audience - Beaudoin had a crush on the guy with the bad dye job.  See Nick Smith for the latest concert information.

This is the car Swanson drove in high school, except it was dark blue and Barry Berejikian sometimes rode shotgun.

Swanson's Prom Date, the infamous Tammy Faye Baker!

Swanson's idea of the perfect date movie.

Jacobitz's idea of high fashion