Current Events Assignment Sheet for Economics

Understanding the events that are happening in our nation is a critical part of understanding the nature of the economic world you live in, therefore you will be required to keep pace with current events as a part of this course.  This means that  every 3-4 weeks you will:

  1. Check out a variety of different news sources to find three different quality articles related to recent happenings in the world of business/economics.  These articles could cover anything from an important development
  2. Find a minimum of 3 different articles that cover the event.  These articles must come from at least 2 different sources.  Aside from the usual sources (Christian Science Monitor  <>New York Times  Washington Post  LA Times)  Here are a few other places to start: CNNfn , Bloomberg, Google Business News, Yahoo Finance, the NASDAQ , or the New York Stock Exchange .
  3. Read the articles carefully and highlight or underline the critical information
  4. write a 2-3 paragraph summary for each of the news stories in which you:
    1. identify the important actors and issues at stake
    2. give a brief chronology of events connected to the story, and
    3. offer your analysis as to the effect this story will have on the larger economic picture
  5. The summary needs to be written in your own words, you will receive a zero on this assignment if you copy and paste sentences from the article.
  6. Please make sure you are choosing stories that have real national news significance, NOT about some new house a celebrity paid 8 gazillion dollars for, or some random guy who sells old record players door to door, or whatever<>
  7. <>Current events are due at the start of the class period.  If you are not here the day they are due you need to e-mail them to me or send them in with a friend.  You will not receive full credit if they are not here on time!<>
  8. <>Turn in copies or printouts of your articles (with the highlighting/underlining along with the written report on the day that it is due.

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