The Civil Rights Movement

This unit tells the story of the continuing struggle for equal rights for all Americans.  It focuses primarily on the efforts of African Americans to gain civic and socioeconomic equality in the post World War II era, but will also include the discussion of issues related to other underrepresented groups.

There will be no assigned reading assignments during this unit in order to give you time to work on your research paper for English.  We will take the Unit Test on April 26th.

Review Game PPT

Text of the Review Game

Key Terms

(Make sure you understand the significance of each term)

Plessy v. Ferguson Jim Crow Booker T. Washington W.E.B. DuBois
NAACP World War II Jackie Robinson Brown v. the Board of Ed.
Emmitt Till Montgomery Bus Boycott Central High in Little Rock Sit-Ins
SCLC SNCC Nation of Islam Black Panthers
Marches in Birmingham 1963 March on Washington Mississippi Summer Project Civil Rights Act of 1964
Malcolm X Martin Luther King Jr. Urban Riots of the late 1960's American Indian Movement
Betty Freidan Feminism of the 1960's Cesar Chavez & UFW Poor People's Project

Helpful Links
Accounts of Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement Birmingham Civil Rights Institute Voices of the Civil Rights Era
Accounts from Central High School in Little Rock Martin Luther King at the King Center A Tribute to Martin Luther King
Comprehensive Site on Malcolm X Black Panthers at Cesar Chavez and His Legacy

Possible Essay Questions

Describe the conditions that existed in segregated America in 1945.  Discuss the strategies used by groups during the Civil Rights Movement as they attempted to overcome these conditions and gain equality in this country.
What were the four most important events in the Civil Rights Movement?  Support your choices in your essay.
What did you learn about human nature and making change in this unit?  Provide specific examples and explanations.

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