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Why did the Puritans want to leave England?
religious persecution
What religious movement during the 1700’s focused on getting an emotional response from its audience?
Great Awakening
Who was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
Which Enlightenment thinker pushed for a three branch government?
Which enlightenment thinker was an advocate for the protection of “natural rights” (life, liberty, property)? Where did they believe these rights came from?
Locke, GOD
Which Enlightenment thinker pushed government by the general will?
What document set up our nation’s first government but ended up giving too much power to the states?
Articles of Confederation
Name two weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation.
no power to tax, no power to coin money, no executive branch, weak central government
How many houses are there in our Congress?  What are their names?
2, the Senate and the House of Representatives
What were the two major compromises made during the drafting of the United States Constitution?
Great Compromise (large states: House, small states: Senate), 3/5 Compromise (5 slaves count for 3 men)
What part of the government did the Federalists want strengthened in the new constitution?
the national (Federal) government, get it…Federalists
What group thought the constitution made the federal government too powerful and demanded the inclusion of the Bill of Rights?
What freedoms are guaranteed by the First Amendment?
Speech, religion, press, assembly, petition
What rights are protected by the Fifth & Sixth Amendments?
Rights of the accused: fair & speedy trial, trial by jury, don’t have to testify against self, etc.
What does the 4th amendment protect you from?  The 8th amendment?
4th: unreasonable search and seizure.  8th: cruel and unusual punishment
What religious movement of the late 1800’s created a desire by Christians to save their souls by reforming society and by helping the less fortunate?
The Second Great Awakening
Why did Mormons move west to the Utah territory?
To escape religious persecution
What kinds of conditions did industrial workers face in the late 1800’s? How did they eventually respond?
Heat/cold, low pay, long hours, no job security, dangerous machinery; they  formed unions
What was the first national labor organization?  Whom did they try and organize? Were they ultimately successful?
Knights of Labor; all workers; no
What type of worker did the American Federation of Labor (AFL) try to organize? Who was their first leader?
skilled white male workers, Samuel Gompers
What is laissez faire economics?
a system with little or no government control or interference with business/trade
Why were new immigrants (between 1870-1940) subjected to so much discrimination?
different languages, religions (Roman Catholic, Jewish), complexions, cultural differences
How did the Americanization Movement attempt to help immigrants succeed?
education in the “American” way of life, including public schools, Protestant religion, hygiene, English language
What was the result of the passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920?
Women got the right to vote
What organization was responsible for producing U.S. propaganda during WWI?
Committee on Public Information (CPI)
What two laws passed during World War I curtailed civil rights and sought to punish enemy spies?
Sedition Act (prevented speaking out against the war) & the Espionage Act (spy and die!)
Name 2 kinds of people who might have opposed U.S. involvement in WWI.
pacifists, socialists, German immigrants, Irish immigrants
What was the major population shift from rural areas, especially the South, to urban areas involved in wartime production?
Great Migration (many African Americans moved North)
What kind of revolution took place in Russia in 1917-1919? What kind of “scare” did this cause in the United States?
Bolshevik (communist) revolution, “Red Scare”
What was the purpose of the Palmer Raids?
root out and deport/imprison suspected Communists (especially immigrants with connections to socialism/anarchism)
What organization was formed in response to the Palmer Raids?
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Identify two examples of anti-immigrant sentiment from the twenties,
Sacco & Vanzetti, Al Smith, KKK, immigration quotas & restrictions
How did the 18th Amendment and the Volstead Act attempt to change American society?
Tried to improve American moral values by banning the sale and production of alcohol
How successful was prohibition? Who took over distribution of alcohol during prohibition?
not very; organized crime (the mob)
Identify three characteristics of urban America in the 1920’s.
cultural diversity, new immigrants, religious diversity, speakeasies & jazz, manufacturing
What group worked to oppress everybody who was not a White Protestant? Why did it have a resurgence in the 1920’s?
KKK, increased ethnic tension in the cities (Great Migration & Red Scare)
How did Marcus Garvey and his followers respond to increased hostility toward African Americans?
“Back to Africa Movement”
How did Al Smith’s religion help to prevent him from winning the 1928 Presidential election?
There was widespread prejudice in the United States against Catholics
What organization was created by the Wagner Act to help protect the rights of workers and unions?
the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)
What national labor organization rose to prominence in the Depression by organizing all types of workers?
the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO)
Why did President Truman veto  the Taft-Hartley Act in 1947? What happened to the Act?
It cut back on the power and protection of unions .. Congress overrode his veto and it became law.
What doctrine vowed to support all resistors of communism wherever they may be?
Truman Doctrine
In what aspect of American society did President Truman promise to end segregation in 1948?
the United States Military
What was HUAC?  Who were it’s specific targets?
House Un-American Activities Committee, suspected Communists in the media and government
Which U.S. Senator made a name for himself in the early 1950’s by hunting communists?
Joseph McCarthy
How did the fear of Communism during the early Cold War impact American culture?
Made it much more conformist - big penalties for being suspected of being Un-American