Text of the Conformity Rebellion Review Game

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What religious group first established conformity as an important American value?

the Puritans

What was the purpose of the Great Awakening?

Get people to return to their Puritan religious passion/fervor

Identify two ways colonists were expected to conform during the American Revolution.

Boycott, join the army, join a patriotic organization

Identify two of the reform movements of the early 1800ís.

Womenís rights, temperance, public education, abolition

What was the focus of the temperance movement?

To end the consumption of alcohol

What was the goal of the abolitionist movement?

The end of slavery in the United States

What literary movement was closely connected to abolitionism?


What was the first major Union in United States history? Were they successful in the long run?

Knights of Labor, no

Identify two key demands of labor unions in the early 1900ís.

higher wages, shorter hours, safer conditions

Did the U.S. government support the actions of these unions? Why/Why not?

no, saw them as disruptive to the economy

What did the Wagner Act (1935) do for labor?

Officially recognized the right to organize, bargain collectively, canít be fired for union membership

What 1947 law reduced these powers given to labor?

the Taft Hartley Act

What was the purpose of collective bargaining for labor unions?

To obtain higher wages & better conditions through group strength

Why is conformity so important to labor unions?

Everyone must commit to a strike in order for it to be successful

What was the purpose of the Volstead Act?

outlaw the sale, transportation and production of alcohol

Identify two of the social problems that this was intended to solve.

domestic violence, absenteeism from work, abuse/neglect of children, more $$ comes home

Did this effectively slow consumption of alcohol? Why/why not?

no, pushed it underground/made it more cool

Who took over distribution of alcohol during prohibition?

organized crime, the mob

Identify two of the major changes in the development of mass media during the 1920ís.

movies, radio, mass marketing

How did this mass media lead to greater conformity amongst the American people?

exposed them to uniform cultural pressures & tastes (same in New York as Dubuque)

What long distance sales device of the early 1900ís paved the way for internet commerce?

the Sears catalog

How did young women rebel and demonstrate their independence in the 1920ís?

short skirts, bobbed hair, go to speakeasies (the whole flapper thing)

What movement marked the entrance of a unique African American voice into American culture?

Harlem Renaissance

Identify two of the major writers/artists of the Harlem Renaissance.

Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Countee Cullen, Claude McKay, Walter Johnson

Identify two of the common topics of Harlem Renaissance work.

civil rights, economic opportunity, importance of family & community

Name 2 things the GI Bill provided for U.S. Veterans.

College tuition, healthcare, jobs programs, unemployment benefits, low interest housing loans

What impact did this have on the socioeconomic outlook of these veterans and their families?

greatly improved it

What type of housing development came about in the post WWII boom?

the suburban sub-division

How did the suburb lead to conformity?

massive number of people living in similar housing pursuing materialistic American dream

What new invention continued the mass media trend into the 1950ís? How did it push conformity?

the television, programming geared toward idealized America

What was the Hollywood Blacklist?

a group of actors, directors, and writers who were prevented from working because they were suspected communists

What was HUAC? What did it do?

House Un-American Activities Committee, congressional committee tried to root out influential communists

Who was Joe McCarthy? Who was he out to get?

senator from Wisconsin who was out to get suspected communists in the army and govít

What impact did McCarthyism have on freedom of expression in America?

squashed it, very limited diversity of opinion

What Civil Rights action of 1955 required the commitment of all blacks in Montgomery, Alabama? Were they successful?

Bus boycott, yes

What were the major political events that drove the cultural revolution of the 1960ís?

Vietnam, Civil Rights Movement, assassination of key leaders

What was the socioeconomic background of most of new left "rebels"? What generation were they a part of?

white middle class teenagers, baby boom

Identify two key causes these people were concerned with.

peace in Vietnam, equal rights (minorities, women, gays)

Identify two values of the Hippies.

communal living, pacifism, experimentation, Eastern philosophy

Identify two militant minority groups from the late 1960ís.

Black Panthers, AIM, Chicano Movement, some parts of new feminist movement

Where were economic times bad in the Eighties? Who were they good for?

inner cities, middle & upper middle class

What kinds of times had war and scandal made Americans ready for in the Eighties?

peace and prosperity

What president was a symbol of the Eighties?