Unit I: Colonialism to Andrew Jackson
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Key Concepts
  • Early English settlements at Jamestown and Plymouth
  • Development of early colonial economies
  • The beginning of colonial regions and their characteristics
  • Further Development of Colonial Regions (North, Middle, South)
  • Great Awakening & Enlightenment
  • French & Indian War
  • Growing colonial resistance and rebellion to taxation and repression
  • Start of armed conflict with Great Britain
  • Second Continental Congress and the Declaration of Independence
  • the hardships and obstacles that all American colonists overcame to win their independence
  • the actions taken by the colonial army to turn the war in their favor & ultimately defeat the British at Yorktown
  • the terms and conditions of the peace settlement between Great Britain and the U.S.
  • The conditions that existed during the Critical Period that led to a new constitution
  • The Constitutional Convention and the key compromises that were made there
  • The key aspects of the new Constitution
  • Hamilton's vision for America and the views of those who opposed him (namely Jefferson)
  • how our government survived early challenges like the Whiskey Rebellion and Jay's Treaty
  • the development of early factions that eventually became political parties
  • Jefferson's election in 1800 and the challenges of his Presidency
  • The War of 1812
  • The Monroe Doctrine
  • The Election of 1824 and the emergence of the Democrat's
  • Jackson's policies: Bank, Indian Removal, Nullification, etc.

The Unit Test will be given on Friday, September 25th

Possible Essay Topics:
  • The values/ideals our nation was founded on, and the ways those values impacted our system of government and the course of our history to 1836 (think about everything from the Puritans & Quakers to the Enlightenment thinkers).
  • The three most important periods in our nation's early development (i.e. Colonial Development, Revolutionary War, Critical Period, Washington/ Adams,/Jefferson, Jacksonian Era)
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