Unit I: Colonial Era to Andrew Jackson

 We will take the Unit test on Friday, September 28th
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Helpful Sections to Review and Key Concepts


Key Concepts to Master


  • Early English settlements at Jamestown and Plymouth
  • Development of early colonial economies
  • The beginning of colonial regions and their characteristics


  • Further Development of Colonial Regions (North, Middle, South)
  • Great Awakening & Enlightenment
  • French & Indian War


  • Growing colonial resistance and rebellion to taxation and repression
  • Start of armed conflict with Great Britain
  • Second Continental Congress and the Declaration of Independence


  • the hardships and obstacles that all American colonists overcame to win their independence
  • the actions taken by the colonial army to turn the war in their favor & ultimately defeat the British at Yorktown
  • the terms and conditions of the peace settlement between Great Britain and the U.S.


  • The conditions that existed during the Critical Period that led to a new constitution
  • The Constitutional Convention and the key compromises that were made there
  • The key aspects of the new Constitution


  • Hamilton's vision for America and the views of those who opposed him (namely Jefferson)
  • how our government survived early challenges like the Whiskey Rebellion and Jay's Treaty
  • the development of early factions that eventually became political parties


  • Jefferson's election in 1800 and the challenges of his Presidency
  • The War of 1812
  • The Monroe Doctrine


  • The Election of 1824 and the emergence of the Democrat's
  • Jackson's policies: Bank, Indian Removal, Nullification, etc.

Helpful Links for this Unit

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 The Constitution at the National Archives

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A List of Resources on the History of Slavery

Possible Test Essay Topics
The test essay will be on one of these topics

The values our nation was founded on, and the ways those values impacted our system of government and history to 1860.

The critical phases our nation went through in its first 75 years of development (expansion, economic regions, etc.).

The growing conflict over slavery as our nation expands.

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