Unit I: Classical Era to the Renaissance

This unit will cover the foundations of our western civilization, starting with the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome and then jumping forward 100 years to Europe during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

 By the end of this unit you should understand:

Your Homework Assignment for this unit: (Due on September 25th)

Use your History book and the collection of online resources to create your own summary of this unit.  Your summary needs to include the following items:

Some links that will help you complete this assignment:

Classical Times Greek Philosophy Greek Art & Architecture
Alexander the Great Roman Art & Architecture
The Roman Army Huge Site on the Roman Empire
The Middle Ages Descriptions of the Black Death Annenberg Site on Feudal Life
Westminster Abbey Gothic Paintings at the Getty
Medieval Knights The Medieval Crusades
The Renaissance High Renaissance at Web Museum The Italian Renaissance Project
Huge Gallery of Renaissance Artists  

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