World History Unit I: Classical Era to the Renaissance

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  • The rise of Christianity within Roman society
  • The ways in which Christianity quickly became an integral part of the Roman Empire
  • The conditions that led to the fall of the Roman Empire




  • The daily life of the peasant and the manorial system
  • The connections between the church and architecture, literature, and the universities



  • The idea of "Renaissance" as it applies to the individual, literature, and politics
  • The rise of the Italian city states and the thinking of Machiavelli
  • The basic structure of Italian Renaissance society



  • The basic tenets of Humanism (esp. vs. scholasticism of the Middle Ages)
  • The characteristics of Italian Renaissance Art vs. the art of the Northern Renaissance


Unit I Test

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Possible Essay Questions:

  1. Discuss the major ways that the classical civilizations provided the building blocks for western civilization.

  2. Discuss life in the Middle Ages.  Be sure to deal with the important historical events as well as the institutions that dominated life in Europe during this period.

  3. Describe the ways that the Renaissance was a "rebirth" of classical ideals and a departure from the Middle Ages.