World History Unit I: Classics to the Renaissance

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Reading Assignments
Here’s how your reading assignments work.You need to read the assigned pages before the date listed.  Make sure that you are mastering the listed concepts as you read and add any helpful thoughts & ideas to your notes (you may be able to use your notes in class).  When you arrive in class on the date listed you will be expected to have mastered the concepts listed.  For example, when you come to class on 9/10 I would expect you to be able to give me a detailed description of the daily life of a peasant and draw up an organizational chart that demonstrates the workings of the manorial system.

The bottom line: I expect you to understand what you have read!

Date Due
Concepts to master
  • The rise of Christianity within Roman society
  • The ways in which Christianity quickly became an integral part of the Roman Empire
  • The conditions that led to the fall of the Roman Empire


  • The daily life of the peasant and the manorial system
  • The connections between the church and architecture, literature, and the universities
  • The idea of “Renaissance” as it applies to the individual, literature, and politics
  • The rise of the Italian city states and the thinking of Machiavelli
  • The basic structure of Italian Renaissance society
  • The basic tenets of Humanism (esp. vs. scholasticism of the Middle Ages)
  • The characteristics of Italian Renaissance Art vs. the art of the Northern Renaissance

PowerPoint Resources for Unit I

The Greeks and Romans
Reviewing the Middle Ages
Quiz Game on Manorialism and the Church
Unit Review Game (will be posted 9/20)

Online Resources for Unit I (Later units will have  on-line assignments using these kinds of resources):

The Classical Era
Introduction to Greek Philosophy Ancient Sources of Law
Writings of Greek Philosophers Quotes from Gibbon's "Fall of the Roman Empire"
The Middle Ages
Descriptions of the Black Death Annenberg Site on Feudal Life
Jean Froissant describes the Hundred Years War
The Renaissance
The Life and Work of Erasmus The Web Museum: Raphael

Possible Essay Topics for the Unit Test

  • The ways that Classical ideas/concepts impacted the Renaissance and our society today
  • Comparing/contrasting the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (especially art, architecture, and political structure)
  • Evaluating the role of political and religious authorities in the lives of European people during the Middle Ages and Renaissance
  • Comparing/contrasting the three philosophical eras that we examined (the Greeks, the Scholastics, & the Humanists)

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