The Stock Project write up is due by 11:59 PM on Tuesday, May 27th

Some important information regarding the Stock Market Game:

  • You need to register for an account on the MarketWatch website
  • Select a username that makes it clear to the world who you are (like your actual name)
  • After you have registered, go here to sign up for the game, which will pit the members of all for AP Econ classes against each other, the game password was sent to you via email
  • You will have $100,000 to invest, although you can borrow more against your portfolio if you like.  There is a interest charge for doing so, and at the end of the game it is the net value (assets minus loans) of your portfolio that matters.
  • You must invest in U.S. based companies that actually produce a good or service.  You may not invest in currencies, precious metals, futures, mutual funds, etc.  You will lose 25% off of your project grade for each instance that violates this rule.  Remember, I can see your portfolio, even though nobody else can.
  • You must sign up by Thursday (2/6), trading starts Friday (2/7).  Anyone not signed up by the end of 6th period on Thursday receives a zero for this project (~15% of your semester grade)

  • You must have at least $95,000 invested in a minimum of 8 stocks by Tuesday, 2/11

  • You must hold at least 8 stocks in your portfolio until 3/15

  • Your game display name must closely resemble your actual name (I will delete all accounts not set up this way)

  • Trading ends 5/21 - you will have a week following that to complete your writeup

  • You may "sell short" - or basically bet against the performance of a particular stock and make money when the stock loses value
  • Please remember that usually money invested in the stock market is placed there for gains over the long term, and that the kind of get rich quick strategies that might serve you well in this game can be very risky

Stock Market Project Write Up Questions

These are the questions you will answer, in significant detail, to demonstrate that you learned through the course of this project.

Final Portfolio Holdings



Stock Name



Share Price



Shares Owned



Total Value



































































































Grand Total Value of Portfolio








1) What were the stocks you originally invested in?  What were some of the key reasons you chose them? Describe the performance of each of these stocks.  Did they perform as expected, or surprise you in some way?







2) What, if any, trades did you make?  How did those trades work out for you?  If you didn’t trade, why not? (If you made a multitude of trades, choose 5-6 to discuss that give you the best chance to demonstrate what you learned.)







3) Please explain six of the different microeconomic factors that affected the performance of your stocks over the course of this project.  Provide a solid paragraph explaining each of the factors.







4) Please explain four of the different macroeconomic factors that affected the performance of the overall markets over the course of this project.  Provide a solid paragraph explaining each of the factors.




5) Did you beat the indices?  What would you attribute this to?  Would you follow the same strategy for your personal long term investment as you did during the game?  Why/Why Not?







6) Make a bulleted list of at least 8 specific things you learned about investing in the stock market: