U.S. History Unit II: Civil War, Westward Settlement, Industrialization & Immigration

Unit II Reviews:
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Key Sections in the Book and the concepts they cover:


Key Concepts to Master
  • Manifest Destiny
  • Texas
  • Mexican American War
144-149 The various reform movements that tried to reshape American life during the early 1800's (abolitionism, temperance, etc.)


  • The ways that the debate over slavery led to outbreaks of violence in the 1850's
  • The impact of the issue of slavery on the national political scene in the 1850's
  • The ways in which the Election of 1860 led to the secession of states in the South and the start of the Civil War
  • The early years of the Civil War, including advantages of North and South
  • The key decisions and actions that led to Northern victory at Gettysburg and Vicksburg in July of 1863
  • Sherman's March and the final years of war
  • South's surrender & Lincoln's assassination
  • The major problems of Reconstruction
  • The key differences between the ways that President Johnson handled Reconstruction as opposed to the methods and ideas of the Radical Republicans who controlled Congress
  • The Reconstruction Amendments
  • The reasons why Americans headed west in the post war era
  • The challenges faced by those who settled the west'
  • The importance opf Railroads, mining, and ranching
  • The reasons why the settlers clashed with the Native Americans, and the impact of the clashes on both groups


  • The growth of big business and corruption during the Gilded Age
  • Worker attempts to improve their conditions through unionization
  • The successes and failures of those unions


  • The new boom of immigration: who they were, why they came, etc.

Unit II Test will be given on October 17th!

Possible Essay Questions (you will write a response to one of these):
  1. Describe the rising conflict in our nation over the issue of slavery, culminating in the Civil War and Reconstruction.
  2. Discuss the massive transformation of the United States during the 35 years after the Civil War.  Be sure to include in depth discussion of at least three of the following topics: Westward Settlement, Immigration, Urbanization, Industrialization, the Gilded Age.