Text of the Unit II Review Game

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Who has the power to enforce laws?

President (Executive Branch)

Identify three key types of federal officials that are appointed by the President.

SC Justices, ambassadors, cabinet members

How long is a Presidentís term in office? How many terms can one president serve?

4 years, 2 terms

What are three of the Constitutional requirements for being President?

35 years of age, natural born citizen of the U.S., resident for 14 years

What two types of government offices are held by people who later become President?

senator & governor

What typically happens to Presidential candidates who are either very liberal or very conservative? Give an example.

they are defeated, Goldwater or McGovern

What religious background have all but one of our Presidents come from? Who was the exception?

Protestant (non-Catholic Christian), JFK

Who are the first two people in line to succeed the President?

the VP and then the Speaker of the House

Identify two ways the role of the VP has expanded since Eisenhower.

represent U.S. to foreign countries, serve on the NSC, play a larger policy shaping role

Who officially elects the President? How do you earn votes in this system?

the electoral college, if you win the popular vote in a state you win all of the electoral votes

What is the group of the Presidentís advisors called?


Identify four Cabinet Departments.

Justice, State, HUD, Health and Human Services, Defense, Treasury, Interior, Labor, Commerce, Transportation, Education, VA

Who approves cabinet appointees, do they generally accept or reject them?

the Senate, accept

What are the two key factors that limit the role of the cabinet?

conflicting loyalties with the President and maintaining secrecy with a large group (14 of them)

Identify three ways the President tries to influence Congress.

State of the Union, political favors and patronage, use media to sway public opinion

What was the spoils system?

the idea that the President could appoint all of his supporters to government posts

What did the Pendleton Act do?

it started the Civil Service system & therefore put an end to the spoils system

Approximately how many people currently work in the federal bureaucracy?

close to 3 million

Give two examples of government corporations.

FDIC and the Postal Service

Give two examples of government agencies.


What is deregulation? What is the most recent example of deregulation gone bad?

lessening the amount of power a regulatory commission has over an industry, Enron

What SC decision established a precedent for judicial review?

Marbury v. Madison

What is original jurisdiction? appellate jurisdiction?

original means that youíre the first court to hear the case, appellate means that youíll hear the case if it is appealed

Who has the ultimate appellate jurisdiction?

the Supreme Court

What case made segregation legal in the U.S.? what case reversed it in 1954?

Plessy v. Ferguson, Brown vs. the Board

How many amendments are included in the Bill of Rights? What group pushed for it?

10, Anti-Federalists

What amendment protects you from unlawful search & seizure?


Which amendment protects your right to bear arms?


What right do some people feel is violated by the Death Penalty?

No cruel or unusual punishment (8th)

Who has the power to declares laws/acts unconstitutional?

Judicial Branch/Supreme Court

What amendment protects the rights of the accused?


What amendment protects you from self-incrimination?


What freedoms are guaranteed by the First Amendment?

Speech, religion, press, assembly, petition

What did the 14th Amendment do?

guaranteed citizenship rights to all citizens

How many justices are there on the Supreme Court? How long can each justice serve?

9, life

What did New Jersey v. TLO say about search and seizure in schools?

schools can search you for a lesser reason than the police can

What is the current decision on mandatory school prayer?

itís illegal

When can religious practices be limited?

when they violate criminal laws

What is the current precedent decision regarding abortion? What does it say?

Roe v. Wade, states canít outlaw abortion

What is defamatory speech? Is it protected by the 1st amendment?

speech that damages another personís good name or character, no

During what war did the SC strongly limit freedom of speech?

World War I

What is the only circumstance in which the U.S. government is allowed to censor the press?

when national security is in danger