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Your final exam is made up of two parts: a 65-70 question objective section made up of true/false and matching questions, and an essay section in which you will be asked to write two five-paragraph essays.  Altogether the final will be worth 120 points, you should be able to calculate the potential impact on your grade with some simple calculations based on your current points and points possible from the grades website (Class Grades for One, Two, and Five)

The Essay Questions are as follows: (you will need to answer one question from Group A and one question from Group B)

Group A:

  • Explain how the U.S. Constitution came into being, emphasizing the ideas of Enlightenment thinkers and our interaction with the British. Be sure to include a discussion of the Bill of Rights and how these rights have been interpreted over time.
  • Explain the duties and responsibilities of each of the three branches of our federal government. Be sure to include a discussion of the law making process and the system of checks and balances.

Group B

  • How are domestic public and foreign policy made in the United States (discuss key government departments & agencies)? What are our priorities? How have they changed over our nationís history?
  • Discuss the major types of governments in existence in the modern world (consolidated democracy, emerging democracy, authoritarian states, etc.).  Compare and contrast these forms using specific nations as examples to illustrate your point.