APS & A Search For Some Sites On It...

By: Dan Strengier & Chase Early

Unit I: Legislative Branch


Unit II: Executive & Judicial  Branches


Unit III: Local Government & Citizenship

Unit IV: Public Policy & Political Systems


Unit I: Legislative Branch

http://www.senate.gov  The official site for the American Legislative Branch.

http://www.gpoaccess.gov/legislative.html    Contains resources on the lawmaking resources.

http://www.state.nd.us/lr/  Useful information on North Dakota's legislative branch.

http://janus.state.me.us/legis/  A different viewpoint on Maine's approach to the legislative system.

http://usinfo.state.gov/usa/infousa/politics/legbranc.htm   Contains many resources on t he way congress is run.

 Filibuster  A detailed look on the filibuster.

House of Representatives: official website

Live Report on House of Representatives:  Up to date on daily proceedings. 

United States House of Representatives   Official Information on the Legislative Process and House of Representatives. 

The New Jersey Plan This website briefly describes how the New Jersey Plan came about. It also explains the importance.

Checks and Balances This is an exceptional website that includes illustrations that show how each power checks and balances one another

gerrymandering A simple website that defines gerrymandering and also states the origination

United States House and Senate Official Information and explanations of the United States House and Senate

Bill becoming a law This site demonstrates the process on how a bill becomes a law and who are involved in the process

The US Constitution This is a fast review and summary of the constitution of the United States

Unit II: Executive and Judicial Branches

The President An Overview of the President's responsibilities and duties from the encyclopedia.

The Vice President You can find information of the Vice President's roles. You can also become aware of the past Vice President.

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members This website provides information and reference aids

President Resource gives a list of our nations past presidents and white house information.

http://www.un.org/Depts/unscom/s98-166.htm a relationship with president and the UN dealing with foreign power.

WEB SITES FOR POLITICAL SPEECHES a massive gallery of various presidential speeches from the past

The Presidency a collection of sites to go to dealing with the bush administration

Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections  this one pretty much says it in the title...

The Federal Judiciary  A detailed listing of numerous us courts

United States Supreme Court  a detailed account of the supreme court

Government Branches: Judicial  another detailed listing of various US courts and a brief description of there content

Unit III: Local Government & Citizenship

US Immigration, Citizenship a detailed description of what United States citizenship consists of

Washingtonpost.com: Immigration Policy states the immigration policy and how to become a citizen

FirstGov: Local Governments an account of numerous hometown local governments

NACO talks about different counties and various other interest areas

State and Local Government a list of things discussing work laws in state governments.

Unit IV: Public Policy & Political Systems

Political Economy Syllabus  quotes, descriptions, and books on the topic

Political Science and Public Policy     detailed list of a network of sites dealin with international affairs and otherwise

California Government and Public Policy  media, statistics, opinions, etc.

SOSIG: Political Systems Numerous listing of sites and types of political systems