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The best thing you can do to help yourself is to get organized.  Notes, key terms, test essays, nation charts, etc. all in one binder.  Re-organize information from units you found confusing.  Eliminate information that now seems extraneous.  Spend time each day with the information.  The more you cram the less you'll remember in the long run.

Big Review Game #1: 1400-1800 (Download the PPT file)
Big Review Game #2: 1800-2000 (Download the PPT file)

Review Lecture: 1400-1600
Review Lecture: 1600-1789
Review Lecture: 1789-1848
Review Lecture: 1848-1919
Review Lecture: 1919-1998
Review Lecture: Art and Music

Download the Art & Music PPT


Review Links

Review Sheets and Interactive Quizzes Unit Overviews
Thirty Themes for AP Euro from the College Board Study Guides from the CAVE

Big Picture Review Questions for Each Unit
These are questions you must be able to answer if you hope to succeed on the AP Test

Describe the ways the Renaissance was a major departure from the Middle Ages.
Describe the theology/ideas of each of the major reformers as well as the major doctrines & events of the Catholic and English Reformations.
Discuss the 4 major conflicts of the Age of Religious Wars.  Don't forget to include information on their economic and political aspects.
Discuss the development of an Absolute Monarchy in France and a Constitutional Monarchy in England during the 1600s.
How did Austria, Prussia, and Russia emerge as powerful nations between 1686 and 1740?
Describe the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions and discuss their impact on Europe from 1750-1914.
The Enlightenment manifests itself in many ways, discuss them.
Describe the major components or phases of the French Revolution (causes, early rev., Republic, Terror)
Discuss the many major ways Napoleon impacted life in Europe.
How did the major conservative powers attempt to maintain control in the wake of Napoleon.
What were the circumstances that led to the outbreak of revolt across Europe in 1848?  How successful were the revolutionaries in achieving their goals?
Discuss the many "isms" of the 19th century and the circumstances that brought them about.
Describe the major changes that take place on the European political scene in the late 1800s. (Unification of Germany and Italy, Reform in Russia, Democracy in GB, 3rd Republic, Dual Monarchy)
How did imperialistic ambitions and rivalries combine with industrialism to lead to the horrors of WWI?
How did problems left over from the peace settlement at Versailles lead to a period of turmoil that culminates in WWII?

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