Unit VII: The Age of Anxiety

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Key Concepts to Master
  • the ways that the WWI peace settlement created economic problems in Europe during the 1920's
  • the causes of the Great Depression that started in 1929
  • the poltical and economic problems faced by European democracies in the 1920's
  • the conditions that led to the rise to power of the fascists in Italy
  • the policies and beliefs of Mussolini and the Italian Fascists
  • the methods used by Josef Stalin to come to Power in the Soviet Union
  • the policies Stalin implemented to radically change life in the Soviet Union
  • the conditions in Germany that led to the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party
  • the methods used by Hitler to gain total control over the German state
  • the big picture goals of Hitler and Nazi Germany
  • the reasons why the Ottoman empire was in a state of sharp decline
  • the different kinds of ethnic tension and struggle for power that occurred as the empire fell apart
  • the key events related to the beginnings of the modern states of Turkey and Iran
  • the changing situation in Palestine and the reasons for growing tension between Jews and Arab nationalists in that region
876-881, 882-884
  • the struggles between regions of Africa and the colonial powers that controlled them
  • the methods used by Mohandas Gandhi to work for and India independent of Great Britain
  • the growth of nationalist movements in SE Asian regions such as Vietnam
  • the efforts made by the Chinese Communist Party to gain control of China
  • the efforst of Jiang Jieshi and the Nationalists to maintain control of China

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Possible Test Essays

Compare and contrast the goals and leadership styles of three of the following: Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Gandhi, and/or Jiang Jieshi.
The 1920's and 30's are often referred to as the "Age of Anxiety".  Discuss the conditions and circumstances that led to this anxiety, as well as the ways that different nations and rulers responded to it.
Many of the problems and challenges that arose in this time were left over from WWI.  Analyze and describe the ways that this is most eveident.

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