The 1980's

Get Rich Quick



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Get Rich Quick


Credit card Debt



Blow Your Wad!


Consumer Debt High




1980's Spending and Cost Stats

Do you have one of These? 

A sleek black Porsche like this one was a sign that you had "made it".  It was the goal and pride of  many "Yuppies" seeking financial stability and freedom.


Wealth & Waste

--Yuppies - Conspicuous Wastage Was the Attitude

-Credit Card Debt - Apparently not a Problem!

-Flowing Economy - Improvement from 70's (Cha-Ching)

-Military Buildup - Spending => Stimulated Economy


The Spend Spend Culture

-Cars - Show your status and buy a Lamborghini. Now!

- Money => Spend => Debt => Bankruptcy => Oops!

-Reaganomics- The Drastic Economic Policy Change


Corvette photos, low miles cars for sale


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