Advertisement of the 1920s, 1950s, and 1980s

Hans Interiano

Jose Lopez

Dennis Diaz


Walter Persons


Advertisement is paid communication through medium in which the sponsor is identified and the message is controlled. Every major medium is used to deliver these messages including: television, radio, movies, newspapers, the internet and billboards. Many years of advertisement are important, such as, the 1920’s, 1950’s, and 1980’s. In the 1920’s they used billboards, magazines, newspapers and radio to get their message out. In the 1950’s they mainly used television and all the same forms of advertisements, as the 1920’s. There was no new form of advertisement for the 1980’s, but they preferred how to use these forms of advertisement in the earlier years.


The 1920’s was on an era that introduced a different type of economy that was before foreign to the world. With new goods flooding the market and agencies no longer just informed the public about products and prices, but they now hired psychologists. The businesses did this in order to study how to appear the people’s desire for youth fitness, beauty, health, and wealth. Propaganda as well led to an increase of businesses with the slogans. “Reach for a lucky instead of a sweet” which lured Americans to cigarettes and away from candy’s, also “say it with flowers which doubled flowering business. Brands now became familiar and luxury items seemed like necessities as for “mouthwash “ , which the Listerine advertisement convinced people that without It the results can be disastrous. The companies focus was on promoting around the world the world their products and let to the average factory worker to be producing now 50% more at the end of the decade than at its start. Businesses expanded and grew from $64 billion in 1921 to $87 billion in 1929. But now iron and railroad industries were becoming non-prosperous along with farms nation wide do to machinery producing large amounts of food which lowered food prices. Plans came into place also as for the Installment Plan which moved people to buy good over on extended period of time, without having to waste much at time of purchase. The introduction of new inventions brought a sense of conformity to the people evolving the old world into a modern world.


The 1950’s brought a lot of new things such as rock and roll. Elvis Presley got extremely popular and everyone started wearing loose clothing, longer jackets, and more color. It was time when people didn’t judge prettiness so much as by how skinny the person is, girls had to have curves…it made it attractive for guys and companies would use the girls in commercials or billboards to promote their products. The 50’s brought a lot of job opportunities for secretaries and receptionists. There was a lot more food processing which led for more small farms. It brought agricultural age rather than the present day information age. Everyone started to my a lot of attention to movies, it was the big thing (and still is). Companies would do whatever they could to get the stars to star in their commercial or billboard or magazine cover. Advertisement was all about rock and roll and sex.  A big thing in the 50’s was cigars and cigarettes; it was everywhere, at school and restaurants. You weren’t cool unless you smoked, that’s when the cigarettes companies started booming. They would higher the hottest and most popular celebrities they could get their hands on to promote their product.


Advertising is associated in glamour and excitement. Many professionals in advertising work in ad agencies and mass media, also known as sale representation. Occupational outlook has advertisement and marketing as two specific careers in advertising, within the natural growth. Marketing research professionals are included in an astonishing number of activities directly tied to a product development. In the eighties, U.S learned it was okay to greedy. Materialism and self-indulges characterized the atmosphere of 1980’s and a happy culture emerged. The values of cars, houses, gadgets and many others present the wealth that was coming to America. At this time, president Ronald Reagan economic politics left a large amount of countless workers such as autoworkers, farmers and immigrants with out jobs. Personal computers began in the 1980’s when guy named Steve introduced Apple computers to the world. In 1984, MTV became a great impulse to the teens and affected their growth rapidly.


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