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Just Where Is Jedburgh?

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"A royal borough [burgh] in the county of Roxburgh, delightfully situated on the banks of the river Jed, and surrounded on every side by hills of considerable height. It is a borough of very ancient erection, and appears to have been a place of note previous to the year 1165, from a charter from William the Lion King of Scotland, when he founded the abbey and monastery of Jedburgh, or as it was then sometimes called Jedworth. It continued a place of considerable importance, and, early in the last century, was one of the chief towns on the English border; but after the union of the two kingdoms, the trade of Jedburgh was in a great measure ruined, and the population and size of the town diminished in consequence ... The neighbourhood of the town is noted for its orchards, the annual average value of the pears alone being estimated at about 300L. The parish of Jedburgh is of great extent, being about 13 miles long, and in some places not less than 6 or 7 broad. The greater part of the parish is hilly, and laid out in sheep farms, which are dry, and covered with luxuriant pasture ... Population in 1801, 3834." from Gazetteer of Scotland published 1806, Edinburgh.   Check out the ancient map below.  Click on image for detail.


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