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Blackwyche GS-C64 Blackwyche Game Screen (C64)

Blackwyche GS-C64 Blackwyche Game Screen (C64)

Blackwyche GS-C64 Blackwyche Game Screen (C64)


Out of dark rolling mists it came, a shadowy outline drifting slowly through the silent waters of the night. As it drew closer, there formed the ghostly shape of a large galleon.

My eyes beheld a strange luminecence surrounding the vessel, as though it was being driven towards me by some powerful supernatural force.

My heart began to pound with fear as I knew that this could not be real. How could this timeless ship have roamed the seas for more than two centuries? If so, what terrible fate could have befallen the crew?

As I gazed in wonder at this astounding sight, the ship slowly came to a halt close to my meagre craft, almost inviting me to investigate its long since deserted decks.

I drew my craft closer and climbed aboard as my curiosity began to burn with desire to know more of this mysterious ship. The presence of some evil force became even stronger as I wondered down those god forsaken decks and I felt its very essence surrounding me like some shadowy veil.

I began to realise that I was being draw towards a small doorway at the ship`s stern. Going through the door I found what appeared to be the Captain`s quarters and an open book with these words written in it.




The Log told of a perilous journey to a mysterious uncharted island and of a mountain formed in the shape of a gigantic human skull.

The Log also told of the many days the Captain had spent searching the subterranean chambers within the mountain for The Crystal Skull of Souls.

I at once recalled an ancient legend telling of such an object and of the terrible evil power embodied within it.

As I turned the page, I noticed the drops of blood dried on the very page of the Log itself.

They had found the Skull.

The final entry was dated 6th June 1666 and contained the last words the Captain wrote just before he died:

For those who in some future time
Read out the words within this rhyme
My soul sends out this hearty plea
To you who might now set it free.

Beneath these decks there is a room
Where time has almost sealed my doom
Unless with effort long and hard
You free me from this powerful guard.

The Bell contains a force within
To help thou with the task herein
But beware the evil forces
    for they hold my soul alone
And unless thou are not careful
    They will surely have thine own.

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