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Vladimir Pakhomov



Part I

Assyrian relief of Fish-Man


(Reference: I have deciphered the ancient cryptogram.
This cryptogram contains images and numerical data)


There is in Message and the image of Oannes with interesting technical details. Oannes is easy to recognize. 7000 years ago, in Babylonian mythology, there was a god named Ea (who later would be called Oannes by the Greeks). Ea was a water god. He was depicted with the upper body of a man and the lower body of a fish. According to legends, this god, Oannes / Ea, has been responsible for teaching everything that is human to homo sapiens.

In drawings from The Message the characteristic visual trick marked by G. Hancock in the book "Fingerprints of the Gods" is used. Here is that he writes about the images on the Gateway of the Sun in Tiahuanaco (Peru)


"On the third column... I could make out a clear carving of an elephant's head, ears, tusks and trunk.
...Each turned out to be composed of the heads of two crested condors, placed throat to throat (the crests constituting the 'ears' and the upper part of the necks the 'tusks'). The creatures thus formed still looked like elephants to me, perhaps because a characteristic visual trick the sculptors of Tiahuanaco had employed again and again in their subtle and otherworldly art had been to use one thing to depict another.
...Members of the elephant family formed out of condors' heads, therefore, need not necessarily be optical illusions; on the contrary, such inventive composites would be perfectly in keeping with the overall artistic character of the frieze."


The Authors of the Message used same reception, represented one object with the help of other objects. It is a way to represent in a limited space a great number of different images. This is actually one of the methods of compression of information. This method it is possible to name as "semantic compression". This semantic compression can be understood from the analysis of a fragment of one of the available full images.

With the concept of "semantic compression" in mind, we shall now examine the image from the Message. In doing this, we shall be free to alter the color tones and to rotate the image. The lines of the image cannot be changed. The lines of the image are drawn by different methods on the data contained in the Message. Remember, as discussed earlier, this entire Message was encoded with all of the detailed information over 6000 years ago.

Look at this fragment of the image and try to focus on it for a minute.


What did you see?
What images came to mind?
How would you describe this?


At first the image may appear simple. But look at the complexity of the shapes and the variation in the brightness... the more that you concentrate on this image the more you will finally see the shape and recognize it. When you do, the blue background will become unimportant.

I advised You more often to look at images from the Message. Why? Your eye must get accustomed. The complexity of image will grow. On him there will be no background. The man should be taught to go, to speak, to read... and to see. Our sight frequently is mistaken.

I should study the book "Illusions of Sight" to know these errors. Now I do not understand this book, but I remember, that there all is written correctly. Why do I not understand? Because I do not have these illusions. They have disappeared. So the images from the Message act on the man.

When you will see what is represented here, show this image to another man who has not yet see it. You will quickly find the man, who cannot see anything! Then you will understand about what I speak.

If you saw engravings of the artist M.C.Escher, possible to tell, that his images are similar to the images from the Message. (The World of M.C.Escher, ed. by J.L.Locher. - N.Y.: N.H.Abrahams, 1977). But this weak similarity. It is a lot of his engravings possible to see on the websites:

I will now begin to explain the image. I will start with the one that is most obvious (although some of you may have seen something different on your first look - if so, write to me).



The first image


Take another look at the first image (above). If you still have not seen anything I will help you. The drawings of the gods are not always easy for man to see. I believe the reason it is so difficult has to do with something inside of us.

That you saw better, I has taken the photo of fish, has dribbled its contour (as was able) and has united its with image from the Message.

Yes, the first image is the head of a fish! And when the drawing is completed you can now see that it is a perfect fish head. Do you see it?



The Sign of fish is used in many religions. The images of the fish heads can be seen on many ancient monuments. For example, read the citation from the book of Graham Hancock - "Fingerprints of the Gods" (part "Fish-garbed figures")


"From the waist down the figure appeared to be clad in a garment of fish scales, and, as though to confirm this perception, the sculptor had formed the individual scales out of rows and of small, highly-stylized fish-heads. This sign had been persuasively interpreted by Posnansky as meaning fish in general. In seemed, therefore, that El Fraile was a portrayal of an imaginary or symbolic 'fish man'. The figure was also equipped with a belt sculpted with the images of several large crustaceans, so this notion seemed all the more probable. What had been intended?"


I know the answer and I want to see these "fish-heads ".

That Hancock names as "the images of several large crustaceans" you can see on my main page. In the Message there is a similar image of some anthropoid in the space suit with pincers.

This fragment of the full image itself is a complex image. That is, consists of the several different images. And this image is a component of eight different images (on today it so). On this page I shall explain to you three of them. Others I shall explain later. Try to see them.

Now let us proceed to look for another image in this Message.



The second image


The second fragment of this image is the woman - mermaid. Once you are given the second image you will immediately recognize it. It is the image of a woman -- actually a mermaid! The two images below show how two different messages can be contained in the same image. Now if you look at the original image you can easily see both the fish head and the mermaid, where before you could not.


The head of fish

The woman - mermaid


It is possible to remove some lines in this image and then mermaid it will be visible better. At the same time I has unfolded the drawing in other side, having changed color and background that your eye little drill.



That I am even better to show this mermaid has allocated her image separately and has organized figure vertically.


The mermaid


For obtaining the images I use two different methods. They give result differing in small-sized details. I yet do not know precisely method  which the authors cryptogram used. The exact method should be still created. The technique, used by me, allows to see and to understand these drawings. It is already good.

Look the same fragment of the image, but received by other method.


The mermaid (2)


Compare these images.

The woman or mermaid inside the head of a fish. Why? I think, Why the woman? Because the authors could represent even a bust. And about mermaid it is possible to think if to look narrowly at her legs. The method giving more exact study of details of the image makes her legs similar to the fish tail. In the second version the tail of mermaid is seen better, it slightly bifurcated. Remember, that here there is a bifurcation, it is useful further.

The origin of the woman in myths frequently is connected to a water. Possible, this is connected with memory about our water origin? About a water origin of the man it is possible to read on the webpage "The Aquatic Ape Theory (AAT)"

The similar images of mermaid meet in myths and legends of all peoples. Look various versions of these ancient images.


Phoenician relief from the Palace of Sargon,
700 BC, the merman can be seen in the circle


Vase, 540 BC, Etruria


According to Mexican legends fourth age (the epoch) - "Sun of Water" end the great flood - "All mankind are changed into fish". Perhaps, this image from the Message (the head of fish with the woman) also expresses this phrase - "All mankind are changed into fish".
But as it were you have drawn the message on a flood?


Recall Bible (Genesis), Noah's flood.


7.10 And it came to pass after seven days, that the waters of the flood were upon the earth.

7.11 In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened...
7.19 And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all the high hills, that were under the whole heaven, were covered...
7.21 And all flesh died that moved upon the earth, both of fowl, and of cattle, and of beast, and of every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth, and every man:
All in whose nostrils was the breath of life, of all that was in the dry land, died...
8.3 and the water gradually went down for 150 days...
8.13 When Noah was 601 years old, on the first day of the first month, the water was gone.
8.14 By the twenty-seventh day of the second month the earth was completely dry.


What informs the Message in this case? About events of the past either about our future or about that and other?


to be continued ...


Oannes (continued)


Updated: July 5, 2014

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