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The Riddles of the Sumerian and Mayan Gods



What are these gods holding in their hands? All these gods seem to be holding the same identical thing. It's a very specific and strange thing. Why do they always seem to be carrying this same thing? The Ancient Sumerians and The Maya have illustrated the same thing in their reliefs.

Such a thing could not have been a coincidence. Did Sumerians see the Mayan gods or did Maya see the Sumerian gods? These were two civilizations that were far apart (one in the Central America and the other in the Middle East, in an area that is now Iraq). How were these ancient civilizations connected?

What do you think about it?


The first answer - an extra-terrestrial origin.


Our cosmonauts (astronauts) always carry a suitcase.
It is a part of their space suit. There is a tendency
to carry the similar things with the similar outfits.

The second answer - a terrestrial origin.


We live on land. We use a survival suit for work under water.
For example, a diver dresses in a protective suit (a wet-suit).
And in contrast. If someone (or something) lives in water,
they must dress in a survival suit to work on land. (Oannes
was a water god)


The third answer


You may write the third answer.
I shall put it on this webpage.



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