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"This is the theme to Garry's show, the opening theme to Garry's show
Garry called me up and asked if I would write his theme song.
I'm almost half-way finshed, how do you like it so far?
How do you like the theme to Garry's show?"

It's Garry Shandling's Show was one of the very first shows to be on the new FOX station in the mid 80s. This show was freakin hilarious! The theme alone was a giggler ("I'm almost to the part, of where I start to whistle, then we'll watch it's Garry Shandling's Show!"). My family watched this one faithfully. Every episode was whacky and different!


I think this show had something to do with a single mother or something. Jason Bateman - brother of Justine ("Mallory" of FAMILY TIES) was on it as was Tricia Cast from Young and The Restless. The guy who later played Steve on Married With Children was on this show. Was that young kid possibly a lovable-but-annoying-1980s-little-brother stereotype? I think most episodes revolved around Jason's character trying to keep his mom from dating the "Steve" guy when he moved in across the hall. Jason's character had a crush on Tricia's character. That's about all I remember. The opening sequence was a chess theme (hence, "It's Your Move").


Aaah, the inevitable spinoff of Happy Days. Joanie loved Chachi. Yes, she did. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to make a good sitcom. I remember this sitcom was ok. The big deal of it culminated with the Joanie and Chachi wedding episode (which I have pictures of in an old teen mag around here somewhere). This show had it's moments, but it wasn't my favorite.


This show was a spinoff of GROWING PAINS. Coach Lubbock moved his family to California (?) and this show is history. It was completely stupid. In a wonderfully 80s way! The blonde daughter went on to a Beverly Hills 90210 guest spot. The redhead, Jaime Luner, starred on Melrose Place. The dark-haired daughter was a star of the A Nightmare on Elm Street movie series. The rest? I have no clue!


Kate and Allie were cool. Best friends (not lesbians) living together with their teenage daughters, and the lovably-annoying-80s-son/little brother-stereotype, "Chip." I found the blonde daughter to be a nauseating stereotype of every girl I loathed in school. The brunette ("Kate's" daughter) was way cooler. "Allie" was played by Saturday Night Live alum Jane Curtin (most recently of 90s sitcom 3rd Rock From The Sun). With an SNL alumnus of such talent there was no way this show was going to miss!


"What are you doing, Michael?"

David Hasselhoff + fabulous car that talks and saves lives = CLASSIC 1980S TELEVISION! K.I.T.T. was the awesome black car that mesmerized young boys and girls in the early 80s. Remember that way awesome opening sequence? And that thing where K.I.T.T. would go up on it's two side wheels? Totally narley. I remember the father of a friend of mine doing that to a lesser extent with his car in a bank's drive-through (the bank was closed)! There was no one cooler than Michael Knight aka David Hasselhoff. And this show of his wasn't popular just because of t&a, like Hasselhoff's Baywatch bimbos. It was original and, like, totally bitchin'!
I had always wondered what KITT stood for, so I just recently looked it up. It stands for "Knight Industries Two Thousand", apparently because the year 2000 was so far away and futuristic. I remember my friend who lived next door told me about this "cool new show" that was on about this "car that was alive". Knight Rider had alot of cool action sequences but I can't remember any of the storylines.


"Set a course for adventure, your mind on a new romance..."

Who would be the guest stars this week? The anticipation was always a thrill. Kinda. Anyway, I HATED Jill Whelan, who played the captain's daughter. For some reason I found her just irritating. This show was on on Fridays before FANTASY ISLAND, and I believe it was on in both the 70s and 80s. I think Gopher and Isaac were my favorites. There was no bartender ever cooler or hipper than Isaac!
I never really watched this show much (a rerun of Good Times was probably on at the same time), but I love the theme song. For a laugh, try singing this song as loud as you can while waiting in line at the bank, and see if the line moves any quicker.

Comments by Kelly and Brian

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