The late 70s punk music movement brought about some radical fashion for rebellious teens. At times, it was difficult in the 80s to tell punk fashion from New Wave Fashion (not the music, mind you, just the fashions), as one surely influenced the other. Teens took their "fashion cues" from The Clash, The Ramones, Joan Jett, and so on.

Some popular details of this movement were:

combat boots (black)
Converse Chuck Taylor "All Stars" (partcularly red or black)
denim everything - ripped, dirty, bleach-splattered - jeans, jackets, etc.
ripped t-shirts (particularly punk band shirts)
flannel tied around the waist
anarchy symbol
silver jewelry
anti-government slogans and standards
leather pants, jackets
mohawk, shaved heads (full or partial), and big hair for girls
black skirts and ripped black nylons for girls

Wear any of this stuff and you were set for a night of raucous slam dancin!

Compiled by Kelly

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