There's almost no fashion that was more nauseating in the 80s than the "Preppie" fashion. If you were a "Prep" the stereotype said you were rich, snobby, perhaps even arrogant. Of course, as with any stereotype, this certainly was not completely true. Not COMPLETELY. LOL

Preppie fashions consisted of:

Oxford shirts
Frilly-collard shirts (girls only!)
Argyle sweaters/vests with socks to match
Shoelaces (alligators, etc.) tied around neck (girls only!)
Skinny ties
Penny loafers
Cable knee socks with knee length skirt (girls only!)
Le Tigre
Boat shoes
Izod/LaCoste (alligator)
Sweater around the shoulders
khaki pants

Preppie style was so pervasive it was satirized in the "Preppie Handbook":

If you need more preppie inspiration, look no further than Steph and Blaine in the film "Pretty In Pink":

Compiled by Kelly

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