If you were considered at all "weird" by the status quo in the 80s, depending on your music preference you were probably considered a New Waver (or maybe a Metalhead/Stoner! New Wavers were the antithesis of the Metalhead and often, one group loathed the other). New Wave covers a very broad spectrum of music, from Duran Duran (highly acceptible by the masses) to The Cure, Blondie to Devo, and everything weird-haired in between!

Standard new wave fashion included hair regarded as "odd" by Preps and even Metalheads - assymetrical haircuts, bangs in the eyes, hair teased to the sky, but in no discernible pattern. Clothing was equally "free form" and was often colorful, possibly vintage, and definitely unique. The idea was you were free to be whomever you felt like being - society-be-damned!

"Cure People," as we referred to them, took this to the darkest extreme. "Cure People" added a bit of a goth look into the mix, thanks to the influence of their favorite band, The Cure. "Cure People" mostly emulated Cure frontman Robert Smith's big black hair, pale makeup, dark eyes, and smeared lipstick look, but any new wave hairdo was accepted. Clothing was anything but form-fitting, and always black black black. Standard attitude was "life sucks, high school sucks, I should be doing something better somewhere else, oh woe is me..."

Compiled by Kelly

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