80s Commercials!


In compiling this list, I have discovered something incredibly, incredibly frightening - just how long jingles stick in one's brain. FOREVER!!! I feel brainwashed or something. I actually rememeber everything here! See how much you remember...

Almond Joy / Mounds

"Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. Almond Joy's got nuts, Mounds don't!"

Arrid XX Dry

"Get a little bit closer, don't be shy..."


"I am stuck on Band-Aid brand, cuz Band-Aids' stuck on me!" - Always featured some annoyingly cute kid who scraped their knee or some body part.

Bartles and James

"And we thank you for your support" - with the two old men.

Big Red Chewing Gum

"Just kiss a little longer, hold tight a little longer - give your breath long lasting freshness with Big Red!" Featured people kissing for long periods of time. I think one was even set against the background of a kissing contest.


Spuds MacKenzie (The Bud Light Party Dog)

And let's not forget: "Give Me A Light" (bartender or whomever hands them some sort of bright light, and this happens several times, then announcer reminds you to always make sure to ask for a "Bud" Light!)

Bugle Boy Jeans

Girl driving in hot car stops for hitchhiker guy and asks,"Are those Bugle Boy Jeans that you're wearing?" He says, "Why yes, they are Bugle Boy Jeans!" and the girl says, "Thank you." and speeds off.

California Raisins

Man I hate those things!!!


"Calgon - take me away!"
"Ancient Chinese Secret- HA?!" (actually a 70s ad, but who's counting?)

Calvin Klein Jeans

See: Brooke Shields tells us nothing comes between her and her Calvins.


Chester Cheetah!

Cherry 7-Up

"Isn't it cool in pink?" commercials were always in black and white, with only pink things (like the drink) in color.

Yes, that's Matt LeBlanc. I think I had a minor crush on one of the prep guys in one of these commercials! Yikes. I swear it wasn't Matt LeBlanc, though!

Chia Pet

"Chah-chah-chah-CHIA! The pottery that grows!"

The Clapper

"Clap on! Clap off! Clap on, clap off, THE CLAPPER" finished with the creepy old lady that clapped her hands twice and seemed to drop dead in bed as the lights went off.


"Coke is it!" among the catchphrases for Coke in the 80s. The cola wars are in full swing. This Fame-themed ad is particularly 80s-ish:

And let's not forget to "Catch The Wave" with Max Headroom! And he also explained "New Coke" to us (someone had to!). And lest we forget, Cherry Coke was new, too!

Crazy Calls

I wanted it then...and I still want it now!

Crazy Glue

I remember the construction worker that glued himself via his hat to a metal bar high in the air. And do you remember this guy?


"Aren't you glad you used Dial? Don't you wish everybody did?" I remember one of these commercials taking place in an elevator. Eew!

Dominoes Pizza

"Avoid the Noid" campaign. I actually met the Noid at a high school dance. I'll have to post the photo someday!

Dr. Pepper

"I'm a Pepper, you're a Pepper, wouldn't you like to be a Pepper, too? Be a Pepper, drink Dr. Pepper" I think this was about 1979, but who cares?

Eggo Waffles

Always an extreme Waffle fight. People would get their hands all over the Waffles and the original toaster would yell, "Hey! Leggo my Eggo!"

Encycolpedia Brittanica

Who could forget this annoying little geek?


"You can't top The Copper Top." And, of course, The Energizer Bunny campaign started around 1989.


"I can bring home the bacon...fry it up in a pan...and never forget you're the man...cuz I'm a woooman! Enjoli!"

I did't even remember what Enjoli was, but boy did my friend and I have fun singing this one in fourth grade! It almost seemed naughty or something at that age! (Note: campaign may have started in the 1970s)

Flintstone Vitamins

"We are Flintstone kids, ten million strong and growing!"

Freak Phone

Whatever that was!

Froot Loops

Toucan Sam, "Just follow your nose! It always knows!" in a snooty british accent.

Grey Poupon

Some guy in a limo rolls down the window and asks a guy in another limo, "Do you have any Grey Poupon?" and the guy answers "But, of course!" Their snooty accents were hysterical. This commercial was another source of great amusement for us in the fourth grade. I remember one of my friends getting into trouble because she kept trying to be funny and asking our student teacher if she had any Grey Poupon. If the silly woman would have just said, "But of course!" I think my friend would have shut up. My god that was funny when we were nine!

Hawaiian Punch

"Wanna Hawaiian punch?" followed by socking your friend when they said "yes" in reply...this was always followed by peals of laughter around these parts.

Hefty Trash Bags

"Hefty, Hefty, Hefty...Wimpy, Wimpy, Wimpy!" We were always treated to some poor soul with a "wimpy" bag dumping their garbage all over the place. Lovely.

Hershey Syrup

Messy Marvin, of course!

Honeycomb Cereal

"Honeycomb's big, yeah yeah yeah - it's not small, no no no..." and let's not forget the Honeycomb Hideout!


Joe Isuzu the liar. He would talk and the subtitles would let you know he was lying.

Jello Pudding

Two words: BILL COSBY!

Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes

Tony the Tiger: "They're grrrreat!"

Klondike Bar

"What would you do-ooh-ooh for a Klondike Bar?" Some of these were really funny!


Remember all those Kool-Aid man commercials?


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