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I graduated in 1981...too young to be a "child of the '70's" and too old to be a "child of the '80's". I ended up being a product of both which never gave me a definition...In the late '70's radio still played all kinds of music. It wasn't until the early '80's that I recall radio changing and defining what each station played. I grew up listening to stations that routinely played KISS then Abba then Glen Campbell then the Bay City Rollers then the Spinners all in a matter of 15 minutes. Now every station is limited to one genre of music. How Boring...!!! I'm just glad that I was exposed to so much. I settled on my favorites eventually ( the harder stuff...KISS, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, AC/DC...) but I still listen to alot of other music. During the time I went through high school and college age everything changed so much. In high school I went from simple jeans and T-shirts and hair parted in the middle to perms and my "Joe Jackson" outfit (pointy white jazz shoes, pleated pants...very "new wave"...) then to the spikey punk hair and black wardrobe to more conservative all in a matter of a few years. Music was the number one influence on everything I did. It has always had a major affect on me and the following are memories, links, pictures and ramblings about how much music has effected me and still does.
Check back now and then...I'll be adding more...I hope to touch on the lost era of my life...'80's hair bands. (This is what happens when you marry to young!...)
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