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Please Help Jump Start the Red Barn Theater
to Install a Fire Prevention Sprinkler!

The Fire Marshall says Install a Fire Sprinkler or Close the Business by June 10, 2013.

The Red Barn Theater's resources:

Original Theater Scripts by Rosemary's daughter
AZ Starnet article on Rosemary Snow and the Red Barn Theater.
The Red Barn Theater Company producing quality Broadway shows

Please Help Us Install a New Fire Prevention Sprinkler System!
Or mail a check to 948 N. Main Ave. Tucson, AZ 85705. Thank you so much!

$110 received................................................ $5,290 to go!
Thank you Richard G. and Emily D. for your generous contribution!

Click!--> "Puttin' on the Spritz Fire Sprinkler Fund Raiser" May 31, 7pm!
<--Rosemary Snow, the owner of the Red Barn Theater, directs a show from her piano in this photo from an Arizona Daily Star article.

Rosemary purchased the building in the early 1990's and installed a stage, curtain, lighting and cleaned it up. She excels in musical arrangement and performance, producing scads of children's musicals and musical revues.
When ticket sales won't pay the bills, she gives music lessons and performs at restaurants for tips. This theater and its shows are her passion.

We have the talent, volunteers and scripts. Ticket sales barely pay the rent. property tax, utilities and insurance.

Rosemary and the Polynesian Dancers April 2013--->
The Red Barn Theater in Tucson, Arizona, has been producing live shows from Broadway to children's theater since 1996. It is the venue for productions by Rosemary Snow, the Red Barn Theater Company, Tucson Improv Movement, Jeannette Jaquish, Share-Ticket-Sales Individual Shows, and touring shows such Polynesian Paradise Dancers, and AcroCats. "Peer Gynt - The Musical Comedy", "The Merry Wives of Windsor - The Musical", "Jamaica Clambaka", "The Unsinkable Molly Brown", "How to Talk Minnesotan", "Annie", "Oliver!", "Clue", "Hawaiian Holiday", "Mame" and "Auditioning a Ghost" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and LOTS MORE have performed at the Red Barn Theater.

An overlooked burned out bulb in the EXIT sign got us a visit from the Fire Marshall who then inspected the whole building and announced that we must install sprinklers or close our doors. We are a struggling theater group with all volunteers. Property tax, insurance, rent and utilities are astronomical and though our shows are very popular, ticket sales barely make ends meet.

It would be a real tragedy for this haven of creative and traditional theater to go under because of a burnt out bulb.

The full dollar amount of your donation in tickets to any Children's Drama Group, Music Revue, Barnstormer Player Show, Chris & Rosemary do the Oldies on Trombone, Piano, Fiddle & Voice, or any other play or concert directed by Rosemary Snow. But you need to send your donation NOW when we need it! We will send you tickets good for any of Rosemary's shows.

Who is Rosemary Snow, who runs the Red Barn Theater?
Rosemary Snow purchased the Red Barn building after a hard life raising 5 kids as a music teacher and seamstress, hoping to live her dream of putting on musicals.

She earned her bachelors in music at Texas Tech in the 1950's "Rosemary Sprague wins $100 award for highest freshman grade point average - October 1952" .

Rosemary purchased the building in 1992 and converted it to a theater with a raised stage, audience platforms, lighting and sound at great expense and labor. In addition to all the maintenance of the building and show productions, Rosemary practices the piano daily and has a repertoire of hundreds of songs that she can play out of her head. Rosemary is skilled on the piano, violin and voice, and gives music lessons. She writes scripts as well, often taking old classics like Peer Gynt and turning them into simpler comedies with great music. Her daughter Jeannette Jaquish also directs and writes theater scripts which have performed at the Red Barn.

Rosemary's productions share the stage with the Red Barn Theatre Company, and Tucson Improv Movement, all working together to pay the bills.

Rosemary survives on a very small Social Security check and what she earns doing shows, and giving lessons, and playing piano at restaurants. She is still a ball of fire, full of energy and opinions. You can call her at the Red Barn Theater in Tucson, Arizona at 520 622-6973.

Watch Clips from 3 Shows performed at the Red Barn Theater!
"The Frog Prince and the Princess Brat", "Auditioning a Ghost" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and "Dr. Frankenstreudel's Lemon Fresh Laboratory of Horrors".

Please Help Us Install a New Fire Prevention Sprinkler System!
Or mail a check to the address above. Thank you so much!
Here is the $5,400 Quote: