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Alex's 'Nick Wechsler' Gallery

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Who is Nick Wechsler? - Biographical Info
Pix of NIck from Team Knight Rider
Nick on "Malcolm in the Middle"
Nick on "North Shore"
Nick on CBS's "Cold Case"
Nick on "Crossing Jordan"
Nick on "Vanished"
Pix from 08.20.05 - Zeke Lerner B.A.T.
Nick's First Movie -- "Chicks, Man"
Nick's Second Movie -- "The Perfect Game"
Professional Photos of Nick
Nick at some Public Events
Some Favorite ROSWELL Screencaps of Nick
Screencaps from "Terminator - The Sara Connor Chronicles
NEW>>Caps and Candids from FLING*

I found it necessary to move some of my galleries to a new host. In the course of this, captions and comments were lost, but I believe all links are now working. If you find a broken link, please use the link at the bottom of this page to eMail me so that I can fix it. I'll be restoring captions a few at a time. Please bear with me and check-back later for improvements. Thanks!!

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. I am very pleased to share with you screencaps from Nick's appearance on "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" which premiered with Nick in its pilot on Sunday, January 13, 2008. Nick didn't have much screen-time, but was just as fine a presence as he always is. THANKS to YELSIR for his wondeerful screencaps -- you're the best!

Few people have seen Nick's 2 movies, "Chicks, Man" amd "The Perfect Game." Both movies went directly to video and Nick has stated on occasion that he thought his scenes from "Chicks, Man" were cut -- not so. Here are screencaps of Nick from both movies. I do not believe that these are available anywhere else on the internet (except at 2 sites where I posted some of them) so please credit me if you take them. Thanks. I am out of room on this site so these are links to another site.




A big THANK YOU to Tracie from Nick Wechsler Online (see link below) for many of the pictures of Nick from his new movie, "Lie To Me."

Many thanks to "Yelsir" who made the great screencaps of Nick's appearance on "Crossing Jordan" on 4/16/06, the Screencaps of "Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles" on 01/13/08 and the wonderful pictures of Nick on Cold Case 10/02/05. Thanks again and again Yelsir!

The pictures of Nick on "Vanished" are courtesy of Icalynn. Some of the caps are hers and some of them were made by me from the video-file which she sent to me. Thanks Ica ! Nick appeared on two episodes of the show "Vanished:" "Warm Springs" and "The Velocity of Sara." Unfortunately, the show was canceled before either of these episodes were aired. The episodes were available via webcast, however. These photos are taken from the webcast version.


I am constantly re-organizing and adding to the galleries as time permits and as material is available, so check back as often as you can.

Please come back and visit again!

Alex Parrish

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