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I Hate Poetry

Why do people seem to think that I do poetry? Do I radiate some kind of poet's gayness or something? I hate poetry and I'm not even good at it. I remember having to write poems for school. I dreaded having to write shitty poems. Recently, I went through some of my old school books from years ago. I read through some of the poems that I had to write and thought to myself, "Did I really write these? Man I'm gay." They really were bleeding heart, forced peices of absolute shit.

So considering the amount of hatred I hold towards writing poetry, you can imagine the surprise I got when a guy that has been going to school with me since kindergarten, Eddie, said to a friend of mine, Cameron, "I don't mind Vaughn writing his poetry...I just don't think it will get him anywhere." Cameron found this hilarious and instead of setting Eddie straight, he encouraged him. Agreed, it was funny to hear about it but I still can't understand how anybody could get the idea that I write poetry.

But since there seems to be people now who really believe that I write poetry, because Cameron thought it would be funny to tell them that I do, I will write a poem right now. This one goes out to all of you:

"I hate people, Yes I do, I hate people, That includes you."

How do you like it? I would say it's my best work to date.

By Vaughn-O

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