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The Alliance of Many
If you want to assist in our efforts by becoming a partner in this site or if you have any campaign ideas feel free to e-mail us at
"We at Alias: Sydney have created this site in order to prevent the cancellation of the best spy show on television please support our efforts!"
Site opened February 1st, 2003
Welcome to "THE ALLIANCE OF MANY."  We are the first Save Alias campaign site.  Here you will find a combined effort of many different webmasters and Alias fans in an effort to generate more interest in the show and to boost ratings in an effort to prevent the show from being cancelled next season.  We have worked hard to compile a list of petitions, mailing addresses, contact info, poll sites, and the newest news about the future of Alias.  

We are looking for a select few webmasters (preferably people who have an Alias fansite) to be on the committee at AoM in order to decide what course of action needs to be taken to ensure the continued success of ABC's spy drama, and to help build and maintain the pages contained on this site  please e-mail me at if you are interested in becoming a committee member.
Disclaimer:   We are not affiliated with any of the cast, crew, or people involved in the production of Alias.  We are not affiliated with ABC, Touchstone, Disney, or Bad Robot Productions. This site has been created by  fans of the show who hope to see a long run lasting many many more years of our favorite spy show, Alias

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