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These MP3 clips were recorded by myself digitally, using a Sony ICD-ST10 Digital Recorder. Some of them were digitally transfered from audio tape to the memory stick.

(Click on Enigma Designator on left to listen to clip)

V2a Spanish numbers station known as "V2" by Enigma designator, note the morse counterpart underneith known as "M8a" This station has been known for it's occasional bad audio quality, sometimes there will be two Spanish transmissions doubling each other. It has been reported that after the full message is transmitted, the sound of a telephone being hung up can be heard. Speculation is that the number groups are sent by telephone to the transmitter site. And as in this one, you can hear M8a in the back. At one time, I have heard someone in the background talking in Spanish as if there were an open mic. This is one of the most logged number stations in North America and abroad, it has a set schedule and often is heard during the night. In my location in PA, this station is very strong. It is believed that convicted Cuban spy Ana Montes used this station, or the variant "V2" to recieve infomration via shortwave radio.

M8a and V2a In this audio clip the morse counterpart of V2a (M8a) is nearly covering up the voice station in the back. This is a good example of the frequent oddities which occur with this station. Since V2a is weak in this one, perhaps they use different antennas to transmit these two stations in opposite directions but on the same frequency? Nobody really knows for sure but we can speculate.

V2a In this recording there are two Cuban stations on one frequency! As well as the morse counterpart M8 all at the same time! Another good example of the frequent "mishaps" that occur with this station!

V2a V2a underneith "Family Radio", a broadcaster which now operates on 6855.

V2 This is an odd one, possibly a transmitter test for future V2 transmissions, this recording was the first I've ever heard of V2... the other member of the Cuban "DGI" family. Instead of groups of full 5 number blocks, it is split into three and two For example in this one the callup code is "945 76" I just happened to stumble across a blank carrier on 6768 I believe... I should of written down the frequency but I think 6768 is the one that was active. Blank carrier lasted for a few minutes, then the morse variant M8 came on briefly, followed by more blank carrier... and the the numbers began. Have a listen for yourself!

V2a This recording of V2a shows another typical variance in the transmission audio quality. Note the "buzzing" sound everytime a full group is transmitted, it turns off after each group and comes back on when the next five number group is sent.

V2a end and telephone click This is the 3 "finales" given after message is over. Note the "click" sound after the 3 finales, this is apparently the sound of a telephone being hung up. It is believed that the voice message is sent by telephone and then directed into the telephone. I wonder what the phone number is ;-)

V2a "Fast Uno" In this example, notice the "fast uno" in the number group. Some V2a transmissions have this feature, some have fast "cincos", perhaps this has a purpose?

V2a V2a with a bad screetching sound in the background.

E5 Also known as "The Counting Station" and "Cynthia" Nicknames given by listeners. This is a one of the few 3 1/2 digit stations that exist. It was known to broadcast from the Warrenton Training Center in Virgina which is basically a spy "tradecraft school". It is composed of several facilities, this one being the communications facility. The transmitter is now believed to be somewhere in Europe, it has been quite some time since any listeners in North America have logged E5, including myself. This clip is just the "preamble" or ID that is given before the actual message. To get more information regarding the facilities at Warrenton go here Station recently has become inactive.

E5 This is the end of the preamble and start of the message, note the 10 "beeps" which designate the start of message, and then the "Count" which is the number of groups that will be transmitted.

E7 E7 "English man" full great quality... recorded this using an EWE antenna array off a dxtuner in Rommele Sweden.. was 20db

E3 Also known as the "Lincolnshire Poacher" because of the Englisk folk song that is used in the preamble. This is a common 5 digit number station which operates at the top of each hour and lasts for 45 minutes. It is known to run from 1200z to 2200z on various frequencies. There is much evidence to support that this is being broadcast from a Royal Airforce transmitter site

E3 This is the end of the preamble and beginning of the message.

E4 Sister station of E3.. same exact format yet uses a different tune known as the "Cherry Ripe" and runs a much more reduced/limited schedule, although consistant in nature.

This is one of the phonetic stations believed to be run by the MOSSAD. It is part of a rather large network of different call signs like VLB, CIO, YHF, ect. Not all of these transmissions consist of messages, ones that do not contain messages will go something like "Echo Zulu India 2" The "2" designates no message. This particular recording does not have a "2" so therefore will transmit a message.

E10 EZI messsage end
This is the end of the messaage, note the "End of message, end of transmission and then carrier signoff.

E10 "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot"Another E10 callup.

"E10 "Charlie India Oscar Nine Seven Zulu Six Rare message string on the "Charlie India Oscar" callsign.

"Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Two" E10 Callup

"Kilo Papa Alpha 2" E10 Callup

"Uniform Lima Xray" E10 Callup

"Victor Lima Bravo Two" E10 Callup

"Victor Lima Bravo Two Five " Rare VLB message string

"Victor Lima Bravo Three Zero" Rare VLB message string

"Papa Charlie Delta 2" E10 Callup, this one recorded off of dxtuner Sweden.

Rare callup "Kilo Papa Alpha two three zulu two zero three zero 23Z2030 .heard on the 20th of April 2004 on 6912 and 6370.

Rare callup "Charlie India Oscar one one zulu one nine zulu six four, recorded from an EWE Array in Rommelle Sweden, the ant was pointed towards the middle east.

Rare callup "Sierra Yankee November one zero zulu nine nine"

Rare call up "Victor Lima bravo seven zulu two eight zulu eight 2">

S10D Czech numbers station, a variant of S10.

S17C Czech numbers station recorded on dxtuner sweden on 3/17/04 8165 1250z

M10 CW station.

Russian Polytone "XP" This is one of the more unique and strange number stations. Instead of using a computerized voice or CW (Morse) It's transmitted in Polytone which is basically high/low tones which contain the number groups. The recipent of this would use computer Polytone decoder software to decode the number groups. He would then do the usual decrypt methods to deocde the number groups into text. I recorded this on an internet based reciever in Sweden, it was to my suprise that I was able to hear XP faintly on my modest DX-398 setup as well here in the United States. Shortwave listeners frequently decode the Polytones into numbers with special software. But of course, not able to decode the numbers themselves :) The repeating tones at the beginning are the frequencies used in this particular transmitting schedule. The schedule for this was basically Thursday 2100, 2120, 2140 (UTC) Transmitted on these frequencies: 6.842,5.738, 4.593 in the AM mode. XP changes schedules monthly and dedicated XP listeners always seem to locate the next month's schedules :) In simple terms, it's a regular numbers station but transmitted in a different method. Good article on XP can be found here.

G22 German language numbers station. Heard mostly in Europe, this one I recorded from a dxtuner reciever in Germany on 4.030

G06 Another German numbers station, G06 recorded from dxtuner in Geneva Switzerland 7.680 2000z 4/6/04

E11 Oblique Station calling "312" with no messages. E11 is well known for sending null traffic on a regular schedule. This particular recording was done using a DX Tuner in Rommele Sweeden.. which has an EWE antenna pointed 225 degrees. 1030UTC 7/23/04 9.610usb. The actual station will start 1 minute later in the recording after the noise. I kept the recorder on so there was no chance of missing the beginning. This is a real good quality recording.

E11 Oblique Station calling "183" with no messages. Recorded on same EWE Array 1300z 7/20/04 9.950usb

September 3, 2004

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