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A four CD set put out by Irdial Discs.

I obtained this complication by mailorder from a music store in London, England known as THESE Records. They focus on supplying hard to find independent releases by small labels. It is probably the last place to obtain a brand-new copy of the CONET Project CD set. It is becoming rarer and rarer to find these. I highly suggest you visit THESE Records, they have excellent and prompt service and you can even verify when your order was shipped

The CD set itself contains 150 recordings of numbers stations from the past to the present. What I found personally interesting was the good amount of Cold War era stations that are present on the discs. The CD's come in a good quality quadruple CD case, and the set comes with a perfectly bound 80 page booklet with track listings and detailed information on numbers stations.From THESE, it runs about $80 US or 45.00GBP with about $8 shipping. Sometimes these show up on EBAY but not frequently.

To see a more detailed page on ordering visit here