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Potions and potion ingredients
Magical Creatures

Special thanks: Harry Potter Lexicon, Mugglenet

Accio summoning charm
Alohomora opens locked windows and doors
AguamentiProduces water
ApparitionFully trained wizards use this to disappear from one place and re-appear somewhere else
Aparecium reveals invisible ink
Avada KedavraThe Killing Curse; one of the Unforgivables.
Avis produce small birds at tip of wand
Colloportusseals a door; makes a squelching noise
CrucioCruciatus curse, one of the Unforgivables; causes unbearable pain
Deletrius erases spells revealed by Priori Incantatem
Densuagus makes target's front teeth grow rapidly
Diffindocuts something open
Dissendium opens secret passageways
Enervate wakes up stunned persons
Engorgio makes things big
Evanescovanishing spell
Expecto PatronumConjures a silvery shape, usually an animal, to drive away Dementors
Expelliarmus dearming spell
Ferula bandages shoot out of wand to become a splint
Finite Incantatem stops active spells on a wand
Flagratecreates firey line in the air that can be burned into shapes
Flipendo thrusts objects away from user
Four point spell points wand north
Furnunculus puts boils on someone's face
Impedementa slows things down
Impervius repel water
IncarcerousBinds someone in ropes
Incendio lighting a fire
Jelly Legs makes someone's legs go limp
Karonte closes doors, windows
Legilimens Look into a person's mind and find their most painful memories
Liberacorpus (nonverbal)counterjinx for Levicorpus
Levicorpus(nonverbal)suspends someone in midair
Locomotor Mortis snaps legs together/leg locking curse
Lumoslight at tip of wand
Lumos Solarumcreates a brilliant blast of light
Mobiliarbus moves trees
Mobilicorpus invisible strings come out of a wand to tie someone up
Morsmordreconjures the Dark Mark
Muffliatomuffles a conversation to the target's ears by creating a buzzing sound
Nox reverse of Lumos; puts out light
Obliviatemodifies or erases all or part of someone's memory
OppugnoUsed by Hermione to send a flock of canaries to attack Ron
Orchideous makes flowers appear at tip of wand
Petrificus totalus full body bind
Priori Incantatem reverse spell effect
Protego invisible protection around spellcaster
Quietus make voice normal volume
Relashio fire hot sparks
Reparo fixes things
Reducioreduces object to normal size
RennervatePossible another version of 'Enervate'.
Rictusempracauses someone to laugh uncontrollably
Riddikulusforces a Boggart to take on a silly appearance
ScourgifyCleans things
SectumsempraDark magic; slashes someone and causes blood to gush out.
Serpensortia makes a snake appear
Silencioforces something to be silent
Solaris creates sunlight
Sonorus makes voice loud
Specialis Revelio
Stupefy stunning spell
Tarantallegraforce someone's legs to do a crazy dance
TergioSomething to do with repairing noses
Unbreakable VowInvolves a Bonder and two wizards; a type of magical oath.
Waddiwas makes things fly out of tight spaces
Wingardium leviosa levitate objects