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Magical Creatures

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Special thanks: Harry Potter Lexicon

AbraxanBreed of flying horse; bred by Madam Maxine of Beauxbatons.
Acromantula Giant spiders.
ArmadilloBile used in potions, esp. wit-sharpening,
AshwinderThin serpent with red eyes; lays firey eggs. When frozen, the eggs are used in potions.
Augurey/Irish PhoenixIts cry fortells rain. Looks like a vulture.
BansheeLooks like a woman; has a green face and its screams kill
Basilisks Giant snakes. A direct look kills; an indirect one causes petrification.
BeetleScarab beetles used in potions; eyes of others sold in Diagon Alley
BillywigMagical insect whose bite causes giddiness and levitation
Blast-ended skrewts A cross between a manticore and a fire crab. Has suckers, thick gray armor, and stings.
Boggarts Turn into your greatest fear.
BoarhoundLook a lot like Great Danes; used in hunting boars. Fang is a boarhound.
BoomslangAfrican snake; very poisonous; skin used in Polyjuice Potion
BowtruckleTree dwellers; usually peaceful unless provoked.
BugbearLittle information known; thought by Hagrid to have killed some roosters
BundimunFungus with eyes; can destroy houses, but diluted forms are used in cleaning solutions.
Centaurs Half-man, half horse.
Chameleon GhoulPretend to be suits of armor
ChizpurfleMagical parasite that infects magical creatures and magical items
Dementors Big shadowy things that suck the happiness out of everything; very scary.
ClabbertCross between a monkey and a frog; lives in trees
CockatriceCombination of a rooster and a dragon or snake
CrupLooks like a Jack Russell terrier; ferocious towards muggles
DemiguiseLooks like an ape; can go invisible. Hair used in Invisibility Cloaks.
DiricawlAka 'the dodo'. Can vanish in a burst of feathers.
DoxyFairylike creature w/black hair that infests houses
Dragons Self-explanatory.
DugbogLooks like a hunk of dead wood, but has finned paws and sharp teeth. Favorite food: mandrakes.
ErklingElflike creature from Germany; entrances children with its laugh, then eats them
ErumpentFrom Africa; looks like a rhinocerous. Horn has a fluid that explodes and destroys whatever it hits.
FairyLooks like a human w/insect wings; limited intelligence.
Fire-crabTortoise w/jeweled shell; shoots fire out of rear end. Shells used as cauldrons.
Fire-slugsLive in Brazilian rainforests
Flesh-eating SlugLittle info; Hagrid is often trying to get rid of them.
FwooperFrom Africa; song drives one insane, so they are sold with Silencing Charms on them
GhoulLikes to throw things around; lives in attics and barns.
Giants Self-explanatory; Hagrid is half-giant.
GlumbumbleFurry insect; has fluid that causes melancholy; used as an antidote for hysteria caused by Alihosty leaves; eat Nettles.
GnomeGarden pest that looks like a potato with legs.
Goblins Short w/long fingers. Can be nasty when provoked.
GraphornGreyish purple; lives in mountains of Europe. Horn is used in potions, and hide repels spells.
GriffinFront body of eagle, hindquarters of lion
GrimGhostlike image of a doglike creature; portends death
Grindylows Water-demons who try to pull you into water.
GytrashSpectral hound living in the forest
HagFemale magical beings, known to look wild and eat children.
Heliopaths Spirits of fire that gallop around and burn things
Hellhound3-headed dog that guards the gate to Hades in myth. Hagrid had one named Fluffy.
HippocampusA mer-horse.
House elves Small creatures that act as slaves, only to be freed when given clothes.
HippogriffHave the head of an eagle and body of a horse and are dangerous if not tame. Wizards have to bow when approaching one.
HorklumpPinkish garden pest and a food of gnomes
Horned toadLittle info; probably the same as our version of one
Kappas Water creatures that look like monkeys and like to strangle people who wade in their ponds.
House-elfFunny little creatures that serve other wizards as slaves
ImpRoughly 7 inches tall, eats insects; lives in damp/marshy places. Fond of tripping people.
InferiCorpses brought back to life by Voldemort. Think zombies.
JarveyAn overgrown ferret that can speak vulgar phrases and chases gnomes.
JobberknollBlue bird that is silent until death, when it utters every sound it has heard.
KappaLives in water; looks like a scaly monkey w/ webbed hands. Fond of strangling waders in their ponds
KelpieLittle info, but the Loch Ness monster is said to be one.
KnarlLooks like a hedgehog, but is angered easily and will destroy gardens.
Lacewing flyUsed in potions; have transparent wings and eat aphids.
LeechUsed in potions. Self-explanatory.
LeprechaunLook like little green humans; can produce a goldish substance that disappears after an hour or so. Also can speak.
LethifoldLooks like a black cloak and found in the tropics. Hunts humans in their sleep and digests them; Patronus is the only defense.
LiondragonAka the Chinese Fireball Dragon.
LobalugMerpeople weapon; has a poisonous sac and a spout.
Mackled MalacawLooks like a lobster; bite gives victim bad luck for up to a week
ManticoreHas the body of a lion and the head of a man, w/a scorpion's tail.
Merpeople Very ugly. Can speak English, but can only make wailing sounds above water.
MerrowMerperson from lakes/seas of Ireland
MooncalfLives in a burrow and comes out on the full moon to dance and leave patterns in wheat fields; dung used as fertilizer.
MurtlapRodent that lives on the seashore; has a sea-anenome type growth on back that can promote resistance to curses if eaten. Eats crustaceans, but attacks anyone who steps on it.
Nifflers Cute, furry and black. They love shiny things and are used in finding treasure.
NogtailDemon that looks like a piglet; curses farms. Will never return if chased by a pure white dog.
NunduGiant leopard whose breath carries disease and death
OccamyLooks like a winged snake w/feathers; has silver eggs.
Phoenix Mythical bird w/red and gold feathers. Its tears have the power to heal, and every so often it burns itself in a fire and is reborn.
PixieLittle blue creature; very rude
PlimpyFish w/rubbery legs and webbed feet. If its legs are in a knot, Merpeople are around.
PogrebinFrom Russia; like to follow people around, making them feel hopeless. Looks like a rock with a hairy body and waits for humans to collapse before devouring them.
PorlockHorse guardian from England/Ireland; short and shaggy w/two cloven-hooved feet; distrusts humans.
PuffskeinPuffballs w/tongues; make purring noises and are popular pets.
Pygmy PuffRound, pink and purple balls of fluff; they make a high-pitched squeak.
QuintapedFrom Island of Drear off Scotland's coast; little info, but said to be dangerous
RamoraSilverish fish from Indian Ocean; can anchor ships and is protected from poaching
Red caps Goblin-like creatures that hang out wherever blood has been spilled.
Runespoor3-headed, 6 ft snake from Burkina Faso; right head plans, middle head dreams, left head critic. Known for biting off the left head and used to be a favorite pet of dark wizards.
SalamanderFire-dwelling lizard; self-explanatory.
SnidgetSmall, spherical bird w/golden feathers and red eyes. Now protected, once used in Quidditch.
Sphinx Has the body of a lion, a tail, and a woman's head. Best known for riddles.
SquidSelf-explanatory. A giant one lives in the lake near Hogwarts.
StreelerGiant snail that changes color each hour; venom kills Horklumps and vegetation.
TadfoalYoung of a hippocampus
Thestrals Horselike creatures that can only be seen if you've seen someone die.
Trolls Big and ugly things; usually really stupid. Self-explanatory.
Unicorns Born gold, but turn silver at age 2. They don't trust males except when young. They look like horses except for the horns on their heads.
VeelaHumanlike creature who can enchant men
Werewolves Humans who turn into super-strong wolves at the full moon. There is a potion to control the dementia that accompanies the transformation.
Wood nymphLittle info.
YetiAka 'The Abominable Snowman' and 'Bigfoot'. Up to 15 ft, attacks anyone who comes close.

*Info credit: Mugglenet (see links), HP Lexicon