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"Hacker is beautiful and I am one" Gilberto Gil
War of the Worlds Web site hacked
Brazil become 'cyber-crime' lab
Brazil World Hacking Capital
Aladdin Content Security Team Uncovers Link Between Brazilian Hackers and Recent Kournikova and Hybris Vandals
razilian authorities raided a phishing scam
The Threat Of Cybercrime Growing In Brazil
Brazilians Hack UC Santa Cruz
Hacker Brazil
Gray Hat News
PI arrested an con
Microsoft, Time-Warner negotiate with European commission to acquire ContentGuard, makers of XrML
Packet Storm Evolve or die
Tech FAQ
hack test

Sam's Oregon Links
FREE GEEK Portland's computer recyclers and Linux fanatics
Government Computer News
How Stuff Works This site rocks.
Cult of the Dead Cow

Bureau of Inverse Technology
PoliTech - Politics and Technology
Cisco Systems:
Technical Documentation
Installation Guides
IP telephony management

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Intro to war dialing
War dialing article
Predictive dialing systems
ModemScan Wardialer
google #1
google #2

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hack the locks

for entertainment purposes only, silly
How Lock-picking works

Decatomb Productions Computer Sciences
2600: The Hacker Quarterly
Hack in the Box
The Official Kevin Mitnick Site
Underground Book Tales of hacking, madness and obsession on the electronic frontier.
Intel microprocessors for cellphones and handheld computers will include hard-wired security features

Wiretaps and police spying

Telephone Line Attacks
Telecomm security glossary
Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), Founded in 1987 and located near Boston Massachusetts, Granite Island Group, is the internationally recognized leader in the field of TSCM, Bug Sweeps, Wiretap Detection, Surveillance Technology, Communications Security (COMSEC), Counter-Intelligence, Technical Security, and Spy Hunting.
Types of Wiretaps, Bugs and Methods
Wiretapping and Outside Plant Security
Spotting illegal police surveillance
Voice Over IP Wiretaps: Good Intentions, Bad Legal Logic?
How to record telephone conversations
Phone Taps & Recording Telephone Calls
Can we tape? State and Federal law


Back in the old days, before everyone had broadband internet access, modems were the standard way of accessing other computers and consequently other networks. In order to connect to another computer, you first had to know what phone number to call. People would often run programs that would call huge amounts of phone numbers in an attempt to find computers that they could connect to. Often times people would find dial-in phone numbers to corporate, school, or other networks that they probably shouldn't have access to.
With the advent of the Internet, a similar activity has been born. Scanning. On the Internet, an IP address is analogous to a phone number. People often scan through large amounts of IP addresses looking for computers that are running certain types of servers.
The new wireless age has introduced a new brute force attack. Originally, WarDriving was when crackers drove around in a car equipped with wireless gear looking for unsecured wireless networks, to gain illicit access. Over time, the term has evolved to include harmless types like us simply checking on the RF environment.
WarDriving: wikipedia
IEEE 802.11: wikipedia
Wi-Fi Maps
Wireless LAN Security (802.11) Wardriving & Warchalking
WLAN security papers
WLAN and WarDriving newsgroups
Bluetooth at a mile away
Wardriving FAQ Much of the material in this FAQ is adapted from the book, Jeff Duntemann's Drive-By Wi-Fi Guide.
Visual Wardriving Walkthrough 1.2 by Steve
Personal Telco wiki
WarDriving: Drive, Detect, Defend, A Guide to Wireless Security Amazon.com listing
Wardialing through VoIP
Security still a worry as WLANs expand
Hotspot finder
How NOT to get pulled over by Law Enforcement Officers v0.4

Social Engineering

Term used among crackers and samurai for cracking techniques that rely on weaknesses in wetware rather than software; the aim is to trick people into revealing passwords or other information that compromises a target system's security. Classic scams include phoning up a mark who has the required information and posing as a field service tech or a fellow employee with an urgent access problem.

PacketStorm S.E. docs
Social Engineering Fundamentals, Part I: Hacker Tactics
LabMice S.E. page good links
Astalavista S.E. files
Lineman's Social Engineering page
Need a place to stay? Get one using S.E
Security no match for theater lovers


Telnet, FTP, e-mail, etc.
device driver and interface card

The four layers of the TCP/IP protocol suite.

Intro to TCP/IP
Daryl's TCP/IP primer
TCP/P resource list
Protocols TCP/IP reference page
TCP/IP illustrated


Biometrics is the science and technology of measuring and statistically analyzing biological data. In information technology, biometrics usually refers to technologies for measuring and analyzing human body characteristics such as fingerprints, eye retinas and irises, voice patterns, facial patterns, and hand measurements, especially for authentication purposes. Often seen in science-fiction action adventure movies, face pattern matchers and body scanners seem about to emerge as replacements for computer passwords. Fingerprint and other biometric devices consist of a reader or scanning device, software that converts the scanned information into digital form, and wherever the data is to be analyzed, a database that stores the biometric data for comparison with previous records. When converting the biometric input, the software identifies specific points of data as match points. The match points are processed using an algorithm into a value that can be compared with biometric data scanned when a user tries to gain access.

Imagis Technologies Biometrics face recognition and law enforcement software. Imagis Technologies (OTCBB:IGSTF; TSX:NAB; Germany:IGY) is a leading developer of biometric systems using advanced facial and image recognition technology. This includes biometric security solutions and facial identification solutions for such industry sectors as law enforcement, airports, customs & immigration, driver's licenses & passports, and other government agencies.
Biometrics Management Office
Biometric Consortium
Precise Biometrics
Biocom :: Index
WiredNews article : Failure (!) of face recognition in Tampa

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