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We are the new incarnation of the popular Hero Portrait Studio! For more info on who we are and how we came to be, just click the ďAbout UsĒ link to the right. The HPS provides art for gamers. You spend an immense investment into your MMO/RPG character; we immortalize your effort using dramatic 3D art renders in a realistic style. Your favorite character will never have looked so great! In the past we, like other similar services, offered our solutions to only a few games. Now we are pleased to serve all gamers, all games. From online games like World of Warcraft & City of Heroes to pen-and-paper games like GURPS and MegaTraveller, we do it all.

Thank you for visiting us. Feel free to browse the site. Itís our hope that we can help you bring your adventure home as youíve only imagined.
This site is currently under construction, and may experience unnannounced changes. If you notice an area or element on the site that requires attention, please email: